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Feng Shui Year of Construction: Why Do I Keep Harping On This? By Kartar Diamond

It is not just “classical” feng shui which is at odds with “New Age” Feng Shui. Within the classical schools, there are also many styles, formal schools, and individual approaches to how we interpret the same built space.

One newer practice is the “Date of Occupancy” theory and I field a lot of questions […]

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Top 7 Feng Shui Ways to Make a Better Bedroom by Kartar Diamond

On a higher level of Feng Shui, which requires knowing when the house was built and it magnetic compass orientation, we can predict all kinds of non-obvious results from sleeping in a bedroom. Each house and bedroom is truly unique and we can find out how your sleeping room influences your health, relationships […]

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More Frequently Asked Feng Shui Update Questions by Kartar Diamond

This “Part 2” article features common update questions and begins with how live plants are treated.

The Wood Element is best represented by a live plant and there is also a pdf file with examples of the Wood Element on my FOR CLIENTS page. The understandable question is “How could a live plant ever be […]

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Frequently Asked Feng Shui Update Questions by Kartar Diamond

Every year I field similar follow-up questions from clients after they have received their yearly update report. This article will highlight some of the more popular questions.

When should I make the annual changes to my home or business?
Every year I provide a live link in the report to my article about how the Feng […]

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Nine Star Ki Observations for December 2016 by Kartar Diamond

On December 27, 2016 the world learned that actress and writer Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack she suffered four days earlier. In the span of a week, two other famous people, Alan Thicke and George Michael, also died of heart attacks.

As a Nine Star Ki practitioner, I always look at the […]

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Feng Shui Thirty Years From Now by Kartar Diamond

Those who practice the Flying Star School of Feng Shui know that the influence of a house or building will change slowly over time. With no physical changes, no remodels, and regardless of who occupies the space, structures go through Periods or cycles where the influence of the space shifts like cogs in […]

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Feng Shui Tips for Realtors (An Excerpt) by Kartar Diamond

The following is an excerpt from my ebook, Feng Shui Tips for Realtors.

Feng Shui is the metaphysical interpretation of the environment. And for the purposes of the real estate profession, it can be viewed as a metaphysical home inspection. This can, and often does, create a conflict of interest for some real estate transactions.

I […]

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Feng Shui Timing Cycles by Kartar Diamond

Traditional Feng Shui incorporates space-time theory from a metaphysical perspective. From its inception, observations and revelations in astronomy and geography have been at its foundation. One of the largest time cycles noted in Chinese cosmology is the Great Year in Astronomy, a cycle which lasts about 25,920 years (also noted as being […]

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Feng Shui Emergencies by Kartar Diamond

Often I get calls from prospective clients, who want their initial Feng Shui assessment done ASAP. Things may have been going badly in their lives for a long period of time. But once the decision has been made to investigate the relationship between Feng Shui and what is actually happening in a person’s life, […]

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Feng Shui and Eco-Projects by Kartar Diamond

What inspired this article was a client calling to ask if putting solar panels on her roof top would have any Feng Shui implications. One of the reasons she asked is because my clients know that when any kind of remodeling is done, the location and the timing of it could influence the occupants […]

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