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Hidden Construction Sha by Kartar Diamond

I’ve written before about this concept called Construction Sha. It is a term that refers to problems which can arise when someone does a construction in bad timing. The bad timing is actually a combination of timing and direction and it changes from year to year. Those problems can range from personal […]

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What We Can Expect In A 9 Fire Year by Kartar Diamond

Chinese Metaphysics is full of predictive Arts and skill sets. We have not only two different types of Chinese astrology (Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu), but also various Schools of Feng Shui. And I am not referring to the New Age practices that popped up in the Western world the 1990’s.

Feng […]

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Working With Dr. Lucy Postolov by Kartar Diamond

I came to Dr. Lucy for a specific health issue. I had read on-line that acupuncture can help people regain their sense of smell and I thought: who better to consult with than my long time client, who is so highly regarded in the field of Chinese medicine? Once in Dr. Lucy’s office, she […]

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Feng Shui and Transgenderism by Kartar Diamond

At the heart of Feng Shui and all of Chinese metaphysics, we have the symbolism of the Yin-Yang, often called the Tai Chi symbol. The swirling black and white coding represents the masculine and feminine principle, with a notion that nothing is all masculine or all feminine, like the ratio of male and female […]

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Lucky Construction Directions by Kartar Diamond

Each year there are inauspicious or bad directions to be aligned with in regards to a construction. Being close to a construction site, including your own remodel project, is not always fun. We have a whole set of things to do in order to off-set this “construction sha” alignment so that home occupants and […]

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Changing the Period of a House, Part 1 by Kartar Diamond

There are a number of ways to change the Period of a house, with one of the main ways being the removal of both the ceiling and roof. This has to be clarified to make sure that it is understood because many homes have a new roof put on every 20-30 years, but that […]

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When There Is No Need For A Compass by Kartar Diamond

I have quoted Dr. Stephen Skinner a number of times when he said that “Feng Shui without a compass is like an astronomer without a telescope.” I also refer to the compass in my own published materials as the “essential tool of the trade.”

There are many calculations and observations done in Feng Shui which […]

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