Is Bad Feng Shui Contagious?

Is Bad Feng Shui Contagious?

A client once expressed concern for the house she was buying because the seller’s adult grandchild had died, but not on the premises. Is it possible for someone’s house to have bad Feng Shui and then extend to family members who do not even live at that location?

This is a plausible scenario, given that many other predictions like that can be made using the Xuan Kong Flying Star method. If we can determine when a person might have a certain problem, there is always a chance it could also affect someone who doesn’t live in the house. For example, if your house indicates a potential for car accidents, and you get in an accident while driving with your aunt, (who doesn’t live with you,) it might appear as though she has been directly influenced by your Feng Shui.

Most of the time however, the influence of the house is only directly with the occupants. I would also be willing to bet money that when two people have a similar fate, that each of their dwellings has indicated that it would be so. I remember discussing with an astrologer friend what she thought about nearly 3,000 people all dying at the same time on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Centers in New York. She sadly acknowledged that probably all of them had personal charts indicating a short life span or having some catastrophe like that in their chart.

Another related question is how we, as occupants, are affected by things materializing outside the house? Going back to the example of the car accident, if your house indicates you could have any injury, it doesn’t have to be on the property. You pick up on the qi in the house and take it with you wherever you go. This is like having your breakfast and then digesting it all morning as you go about your day. What started at home can be taken anywhere.

If your home or business indicates you could have legal problems, this circumstance could play out with people who hardly even know you, let alone being a relative, friend or someone who lives with you. And yet, the relationships (karma, if you will) are always there. How else could it be, if we do certain lawsuit remedies on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant, when seemingly the unrelated judge or jury makes the ultimate decision?

There are countless other examples of how an entire neighborhood or block on a street might experience some similar fate or challenges and this can be identified as well, through compass and form school theories. The flip side is that good fortune can also be indirectly contagious. If the owner of a company has good Feng Shui and does well, by definition, his employees and stock holders will reap some rewards too.

Taking another giant leap into the notion that we are all profoundly related to each other, is the branch of Feng Shui known as Yin House (divination of grave sites), where your parents or grandparents burial spot can affect up to three generations of descendants. This comes from a long held belief that the earth below can transmit through the bones laid to rest some very specific energetic code that influences the descendants.

If a bee can travel many miles for food, smelling a honey comb from such a long distance, and a dog can find its way to travel a hundred miles home with its “dog-to-owner radar,” I don’t think it is too far-fetched to consider the implications put forth in Feng Shui theory. I can spend the rest of my days marveling at the intricacies and sophistication of nature in action.

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