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Feng Shui’s Close Relative-Nine Star Ki by Kartar Diamond

Nine Star Ki, ( pronounced like “key”), is also written numerically as 9 Star Ki. “Ki” is synonymous to the Chinese word “qi” which is pronounced like “chee” and defines an ethereal type of energy which pervades time and space. In formal training, different manifestations are referred to as Heaven Qi, Man Qi and […]

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Your Feng Shui Studies and the Five Elements by Kartar Diamond

This article has been written especially for my on-line students as they learn about the Five Elements. Sometimes referred to as the “Five Agents” or the “Five Transformations,” the latter descriptions are intentional, so as to move away from a rigid and exclusively literal interpretation of the “elements.” Everything is in flux, from Yin to […]

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Wu Shu: The Five Chinese Arts by Kartar Diamond

In the whole of Chinese metaphysics, there are five main categories (Wu Shu) or special skill sets, which address the human condition and are complementary fields to each other.The Five Arts are: mountain, divination, astrology, appearance appraisals and medicine. Let’s briefly define the Five Arts.

Mountain: This is in reference to studying the influence of the […]

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A Brief Description of a Fu Talisman by Kartar Diamond

A talisman is any object that has been infused with personal and divine energy to fulfill a stated purpose. The Chinese or Taoist type of talisman is called a “fu” (pronounced like: foo) and is often an inscription on consecrated paper. In Western occult practices, they are called sigils. Through a variety of ritualistic and […]

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An Article About My Articles by Kartar Diamond

After having written several hundred articles, they can be classified in a different way than what you see on my Blog pages. Some articles are really only interesting to serious feng shui students or fellow practitioners. I discuss advanced techniques or nuanced observations that are usually only interesting to consultants or those studying […]

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How to Feng Shui a Warehouse by Kartar Diamond

There are many types of businesses and any structure with four walls and a ceiling can be assessed with a flying star chart. The Flying Star chart gives us an impression of what kind of magnetic field was established inside the structure, based on when it […]

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Teaching Feng Shui Backwards by Kartar Diamond

There are different types of teachers and with different agendas. But many teachers sincerely want to have their students learn something practical right away. We also want students to learn how to make a change to their personal space that will work fast. Some of this is intended to help “sell” Feng […]

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