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Insights From the Sitting Sector of the House by Kartar Diamond

There is a difference between the “sitting side” of a house and the actual “sitting sector.”

The sitting side is the entire back side, the back wall of a structure. The sitting sector on the other hand is just one part of the sitting side. The sitting sector is the back middle portion which […]

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Feng Shui Tips Vs. Feng Shui Concepts by Kartar Diamond

Article writers often create Top Ten Lists and Tip Sheets as a way of communicating some basic information to readers. I have written my fair share of “Tips” articles as well, but when it comes to Feng Shui, many of the generic “Tips” just do not apply to everyone and are so simple […]

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The House Trigram Number by Kartar Diamond

In the Beginner’s course materials (Companion File), I give a description of a formula for houses, which is not the regular flying star chart used universally by Xuan Kong Fei Xing practitioners. It is a simpler formula, which does not require factoring in the age of the house or building. This […]

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Feng Shui and Magic by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui is a metaphysical art, no doubt. But I have also written articles in defense of Feng Shui not being an occult practice, even though it often gets put into the same basket. While Feng Shui mostly operates as a natural science, there are simply some results, cause and effect, which cannot […]

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When the Front Door is Not the Front by Kartar Diamond

We have a word to describe the main door that people use to enter and exit their home. We call it the “front” door when we mean the door that is either used the most or the one with the implied formality as the door. In a Feng Shui analysis, the “front” door may […]

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Feng Shui in July: Month of the Sheep by Kartar Diamond

My newsletter Time & Space, has been published monthly for twenty-one years. In the June 2017 issue, I got a big response from subscribers about the Lucky Money Bowl and how its location is also related to a zodiac sign, consistent with the zodiac sign that relates to a Lucky Money Day for the […]

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Unsolved Mysteries Revealed through the Esoteric Arts by Kartar Diamond

I posted an article on Facebook in June 2017 about the important differences between a “hoax” and a “false flag” event. And I intentionally did not make any politically biased references. In fact, even if you don’t believe that hoaxes or false flags ever occur, you can still agree that many strange events […]

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Feng Shui Kitchen Facts & Myths by Kartar Diamond

Along with all the other rooms in the house, there has certainly been a lot written about what kind of Feng Shui impact the kitchen has on its occupants. Many myths abound and I have had clients needlessly worry about features in their kitchens, some of which will be addressed in this article.

Firstly, the […]

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Home or Office: Which Is More Important? by Kartar Diamond

Sometimes, due to limited funds, a prospective client will ask me which location is more important or urgent, to “feng shui” first: the house or the business. It is a common erroneous assumption that the home only affects health and the business only affects money matters. In fact, in some of my classes the […]

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Feng Shui and Photosynthesis by Kartar Diamond

Science tells us that the world as we know it would not exist without the Sun. Our planet’s relationship with the Sun pervades all forms of life. And the inception of Feng Shui is also the story of how we as people are affected by this magnificent star. Everything we eat, drink and […]

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