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Feng Shui and Photosynthesis by Kartar Diamond

Science tells us that the world as we know it would not exist without the Sun. Our planet’s relationship with the Sun pervades all forms of life. And the inception of Feng Shui is also the story of how we as people are affected by this magnificent star. Everything we eat, drink and […]

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Feng Shui and Ancient Astronaut Theory by Kartar Diamond

One of the few shows on television to grab my undivided attention years ago was the History Channel’s series called Ancient Aliens. Even for the most skeptical individual, this is a very entertaining and engrossing way to learn more about science, history, astronomy, architecture, archaeology, religion, sociology and many other subjects. Most importantly […]

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Will the Feng Shui Lucky Money Bowl Become Obsolete? By Kartar Diamond

We are living in times where the push is to become a cashless society. We are using technology and Apps to make our lives easier and many have totally embraced the use of transferring money on-line and paying for everything with a credit card or App. While some remain justifiably suspicious about the push […]

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Feng Shui and Pre-Crime by Kartar Diamond

In the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, the futuristic concept of “pre-crime” centers around the merging of technology with psychic ability, to predict crimes before they happen. Classical feng shui has been predicting crime for many centuries without any technological support or psychic intervention.

Tracking the predictable forces of nature allows us to characterize […]

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Which Came First-Feng Shui or the I-Ching? by Kartar Diamond

You may be familiar with the practice of Feng Shui and some of the symbolism associated with the Eight Trigrams. Each “trigram” is associated with a part of the body, colors, an element, a family member, and a direction. These trigrams are each symbolized with three lines. The word “trigram” means “three lines.” […]

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Feng Shui and the Direction of Northeast by Kartar Diamond

A house is built within a time frame which feng shui theory refers to as twenty year Periods. The last twenty year Period (Period 7) was from 1984-2004. Now, the current Period (or Era) is from 2004-2024. Each Era is associated with a certain direction and this current Era is connected to the […]

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Feng Shui and Intuition by Kartar Diamond

A frequent question asked of feng shui consultants is whether or not they are also psychic. Some people assume that a feng shui expert visits a property and immediately feels or senses what is wrong with the energy of the space. While a small percentage of the analysis may rely on intuition, the majority […]

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My Best Shot Cancer Prevention Regime by Kartar Diamond

Over the years, I have asked myself, what would I add, delete or change about my diet and lifestyle if I was told I had cancer? Since my chances of getting cancer are equal or greater than anyone else, due to family history, stress and the toxic world we live in, I decided […]

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The Hierarchy of the Flying Stars by Kartar Diamond

The term “flying stars” is an esoteric way to describe each unseen magnetic field which permeates every structure on the planet. This fabric of energy is mostly created when a structure is built and there are different types of flying stars.

We have the Construction Period star which is notated with numerical coding, like all […]

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Feng Shui Year of Construction: Why Do I Keep Harping On This? By Kartar Diamond

It is not just “classical” feng shui which is at odds with “New Age” Feng Shui. Within the classical schools, there are also many styles, formal schools, and individual approaches to how we interpret the same built space.

One newer practice is the “Date of Occupancy” theory and I field a lot of questions […]

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