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Top 7 Feng Shui Ways to Make a Better Bedroom by Kartar Diamond

On a higher level of Feng Shui, which requires knowing when the house was built and it magnetic compass orientation, we can predict all kinds of non-obvious results from sleeping in a bedroom. Each house and bedroom is truly unique and we can find out how your sleeping room influences your health, relationships […]

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Feng Shui Tips for Realtors (An Excerpt) by Kartar Diamond

The following is an excerpt from my ebook, Feng Shui Tips for Realtors.

Feng Shui is the metaphysical interpretation of the environment. And for the purposes of the real estate profession, it can be viewed as a metaphysical home inspection. This can, and often does, create a conflict of interest for some real estate transactions.

I […]

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Feng Shui Flooring and Lighting by Kartar Diamond

When it comes to carpeting versus wood floors or tile, many feng shui clients want to know if it makes a difference. Does the flooring of your home or business change the energy of a room? The answer is yes.

Carpeting is comfortable, soft on the foot and it buffers noise. This […]

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Feng Shui and the Secrets of the Door by Kartar Diamond

We have sayings such as “window of opportunity” and “the door to your future.” These metaphors stir up all kinds of images and in the mystical realms, the door is a gateway or symbolic portal to higher consciousness.
In a very physical way, the main door to a house acts like a mouth. This opening […]

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Why Appraiser’s Drawings Don’t Work for Feng Shui Purposes by Kartar Diamond

An appraiser does what they need to do for legal purposes only. They measure the exterior dimensions of the house to confirm square footage and to establish the perimeter of the house in relation to the property boundaries. They are not obligated to draw a floor plan for a house and their […]

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When Architecture Contradicts Yin Yang Theory by Kartar Diamond

It’s certainly gratifying when architectural designs complement good Feng Shui principles. But sadly, this is not always manifested and it can contribute to imbalances in the occupants’ lives.

Every house has a sitting side and a facing side. The facing side is considered the front of the property, even if it is not the […]

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Bad Road Alignment- When It is Personal by Kartar Diamond

There is a general feng shui principle that you don’t want your house to sit at the end of a cul-de-sac or the cross section of a T-junction. The idea is that the qi (air currents) would be moving too quickly or too directly toward the house. The energies moving directly toward the house, […]

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The Role of Feng Shui Versus a Design Consultation by Kartar Diamond

The media, as well as poorly trained practitioners and authors, have done such a good job of misinterpreting Feng Shui, that many clients end up totally confused about why they have hired a Feng Shui consultant.

I have experienced this myself, as well as fellow consultants, where we are sitting with the client trying to […]

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The Smart Home by Kartar Diamond

I am a frequent visitor of new home developments for my clients interested in purchasing these residences and many of the newer design trends could also be considered feng shui improvements.

Many newer homes now come with separate Tech or Media Areas. Often, in a two-story house, the Tech Area will be […]

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Feng Shui Interprets Room Importance by Kartar Diamond

Nothing competes with the bedroom. Most of us spend a third of our lives in this one spot in the house so it almost always ranks first in terms of prioritizing what room to evaluate first.

The next most important room, according to feng shui theory, is the room you spend most of your waking […]

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