Feng Shui History and Culture

Which Came First-Feng Shui or the I-Ching? by Kartar Diamond

You may be familiar with the practice of Feng Shui and some of the symbolism associated with the Eight Trigrams. Each “trigram” is associated with a part of the body, colors, an element, a family member, and a direction. These trigrams are each symbolized with three lines. The word “trigram” means “three lines.” […]

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Feng Shui and Burial Spots by Kartar Diamond

A grave site or burial spot is called a “Yin House.” This is compared to residences or commercial spaces which are referred to as “Yang Houses.” Care is taken in selecting a Yin House because the influence of that burial spot can affect up to three generations of descendants. The good or […]

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Sorting Through Some Different Schools of Feng Shui by Kartar Diamond

Just in the last twenty years or so, potential Feng Shui students have come across schools which identify themselves as “Traditional” or “Classical” versus some other schools, such as “western Feng Shui” or other clever descriptions. And some of these misnomers make it appear that if you are not studying the “modernized” versions […]

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Accommodating Cultural Beliefs In A Feng Shui Audit by Kartar Diamond

What inspired this article topic was a recent project for a client in the Middle East. I noticed on the floor plan that there were two front doors and my hunch was that this might have to do with the client’s religion.

Sure enough, this design of having two front doors on opposite sides […]

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Just How Old Is Feng Shui Anyway? By Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui is usually described as an ancient practice that is several thousand years old. And yet lately I have heard of at least two Chinese practitioners who are now saying it is not as old as people generally think it is. One man’s article on the Internet is even claiming that […]

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Genetically Modified Feng Shui by Kartar Diamond

When I first started consulting in 1992, the only controversial discussions seemed to be about so-called traditional Feng Shui versus the New Age inventions, such as the BTB School which flourished in the 1990’s and with headquarters in Berkeley, California. And if I can begin with my metaphor, it has been pretty hard to […]

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Feng Shui Predictions From a Cultural Perspective by Kartar Diamond

After reading Bo Yang’s The Ugly Chinaman: And the Crisis in Chinese Culture, this book unintentionally gave me a new perspective on why some Feng Shui predictions or interpretations appear so dire. While the author never mentioned the words “Feng Shui” once in the essays, the subtext for me was very relevant to my […]

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