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Feng Shui in July: Month of the Sheep by Kartar Diamond

My newsletter Time & Space, has been published monthly for twenty-one years. In the June 2017 issue, I got a big response from subscribers about the Lucky Money Bowl and how its location is also related to a zodiac sign, consistent with the zodiac sign that relates to a Lucky Money Day for the […]

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Feng Shui and Eco-Projects by Kartar Diamond

What inspired this article was a client calling to ask if putting solar panels on her roof top would have any Feng Shui implications. One of the reasons she asked is because my clients know that when any kind of remodeling is done, the location and the timing of it could influence the occupants […]

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Can Good Feng Shui Increase Libido? by Kartar Diamond

I have had menopausal women ask me if feng shui remedies can increase their libido. This is a fair question in light of the fact that some of modern Feng Shui’s popularity has been riding on New Age notions about Romance and Marriage corners of the house. Certainly, relationship scenarios are a […]

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Healing Through Your Environment by Kartar Diamond

The practice of Feng Shui is often referred to as a system for living in “harmony with nature.” For me, this explanation conjures up images of fields and forests, when in fact most of us are living and working indoors. Does this mean you have to spend more time outdoors to achieve the […]

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Feng Shui and Intelligence by Kartar Diamond

There are countless articles and books about how Feng Shui applications can be used to help a person increase their income or find true love. But an interesting question that deserves an answer is whether or not Feng Shui can predict or influence intelligence.

I was once asked to speak at a Mensa Meeting and […]

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Feng Shui and Where to Avoid an Argument by Kartar Diamond

Unseen Feng Shui energies in your house are capable of triggering events right in the very areas where you dwell, as well as outside that location. One clear example would be an area of your house which might trigger an accident, and then you could leave your house and have an accident away from […]

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Feng Shui for the Doctor’s Office by Kartar Diamond

There have always been two main objectives for the doctors who call for my services.

For the benefit of their patients, the doctor wants to have a comfortable waiting room and treatment rooms, so that the patient will feel less anxiety or tension and more like following through on their treatment program. And on […]

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Feng Shui and Fertility by Kartar Diamond

The ease or difficulty in conceiving a child can often be linked with the feng shui blueprint of a house. Some house types undermine the occupants getting pregnant, and yet the remedies are a lot less expensive than any kind of medical intervention!

What is it about a house that can cause a fertility problem?

Sometimes […]

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Eight Mansion School and the Gender Controversy by Kartar Diamond

Amongst classical schools and practitioners there is a big discrepancy between what “personal trigram” or “Ming Gua” you are (if you are female). The personal trigram or Ming Gua is determined based on the year you were born. I always used to call it the Feng Shui equivalent of a zodiac sign. […]

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What’s My Real Ming Gua? by Kartar Diamond

There are many different schools of Feng Shui and many different approaches, even under the umbrella of traditional Feng Shui. One branch or school is called Ba Zhai or Eight Mansion School. It is also referred to as the East- West School.

This is the school which relegates all structures into eight house […]

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