Myths and Misinformation

Feng Shui Kitchen Facts & Myths by Kartar Diamond

Along with all the other rooms in the house, there has certainly been a lot written about what kind of Feng Shui impact the kitchen has on its occupants. Many myths abound and I have had clients needlessly worry about features in their kitchens, some of which will be addressed in this article.

Firstly, the […]

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True or False: Two Popular Feng Shui Beliefs by Kartar Diamond

As an occasional contributing author to a couple of well known websites, I am regularly forwarded Feng Shui articles written by others, since I’m on a list to also receive them. Most of the time, unfortunately, the articles have been written by a sincere but misguided novice who continues to perpetuate Feng Shui […]

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Exotic Trinkets Not Necessary as Feng Shui Remedies by Kartar Diamond

Sometimes my clients look at me with pleasant surprise and relief when I tell them that they can get their Feng Shui remedies at a local garden center or home décor store. Some have already been assuming that they will need to make a trip to Chinatown or go on line to look for […]

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More Feng Shui Bathroom Myths by Kartar Diamond

I was emailed an article that was filled with so much misinformation,(virtually every single sentence in it), that I decided to use the article’s erroneous contents as a “teachable spring board” instead of just being disgusted by what passes as Feng Shui tips by unqualified sources.

The misguided author puts forth an argument that bathrooms […]

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Feng Shui and the Number 4 by Kartar Diamond

One of the most annoying feng shui myths is that an address containing the number 4 in it is somehow unlucky. This has everything to do with Chinese culture and language and little to do with feng shui. But because the number 4 is a word in Chinese which sounds like “death,” […]

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Feng Shui Chop Suey by Kartar Diamond

Shortly after meeting Master Larry Sang in the early 1990’s, he would sometimes laugh and refer to the type of Feng Shui that Americans practice as “chop suey.” This was not a complement and if you read the history of chop suey on-line, the literal translation is “miscellaneous leftovers.” There are many […]

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The Real Feng Shui New Year by Kartar Diamond

Much to my surprise, I have discovered more than one famous Feng Shui personality who has incorrectly perpetuated the wrong Feng Shui New Year date. Contrary to popular belief, the Feng Shui New Year is based on a Solar calendar, not the Lunar calendar.

The Lunar calendar vacillates from year to year by weeks, […]

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Facts about the Four Major Feng Shui House Types by Kartar Diamond

Classical feng shui students learn about the four major house types within the first few days of instruction. These house types are described in broad brush strokes. Two of the four are supportive for health and relationships and two are not. Two of the four are supportive for financial luck and the other […]

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The Feng Shui “Money Bags” Chain Letter by Kartar Diamond

Almost every year I receive a bulk email with a Feng Shui superstition attached to it. Some clients send it to me directly to get my opinion on it and if it is for real. Well, it’s not.

It is also annoying and disheartening for me, as a serious practitioner, to see these mindless number […]

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