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Nine Star Ki Observations for December 2016 by Kartar Diamond

On December 27, 2016 the world learned that actress and writer Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack she suffered four days earlier. In the span of a week, two other famous people, Alan Thicke and George Michael, also died of heart attacks.

As a Nine Star Ki practitioner, I always look at the […]

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Can A Bad Person Benefit from Good Feng Shui? by Kartar Diamond

Because people often associate feng shui with spirituality, the question sometimes comes up as to whether or not a person with bad intentions can benefit from good feng shui. For instance, could a criminal living in a house that supports financial luck successfully continue to make more money through their illicit means?

In 1996 I […]

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Feng Shui Interprets the Haunted House by Kartar Diamond

When we think of a classic haunted house, images from movies can come up. Sometimes the haunted house is depicted as a dark, dingy, old, dilapidated house, secluded and covered with cobwebs. Oddly enough, these really are some of the “yin” attributes which can contribute to a house attracting a ghost.

In feng shui theory, […]

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Feng Shui and Burial Spots by Kartar Diamond

A grave site or burial spot is called a “Yin House.” This is compared to residences or commercial spaces which are referred to as “Yang Houses.” Care is taken in selecting a Yin House because the influence of that burial spot can affect up to three generations of descendants. The good or […]

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Feng Shui and Intuition by Kartar Diamond

A frequent question asked of feng shui consultants is whether or not they are also psychic. Some people assume that a feng shui expert visits a property and feels or senses what is wrong with the energy of the space. While a small percentage of the analysis may rely on intuition, the majority of […]

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Feng Shui and Religion by Kartar Diamond

The practice of Feng Shui, in and of itself, has a spiritual premise. The theories are based on metaphysical principles which pervade Chinese culture as well as other ancient cultures. Feng Shui is also based on common sense and good design, but clearly there are many assumptions and applications that have not yet […]

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Confessions of a Feng Shui Master by Kartar Diamond

You would think that based on knowledge and experience that my own home would have A+ feng shui and that I would be able to manage every single potential problem. Well, aside from the fact that a lot of Feng Shui masters have this karmic, ironic duality going on in their own living spaces, […]

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Feng Shui, Birth Order and Personality Profiles by Kartar Diamond

There is a branch of Feng Shui which details character traits for individuals. This is contained in the Eight Trigram system, which is also connected to the eight basic directions. Sometimes the Eight Trigrams (as directions) are referred to literally and sometimes they are more metaphorical.

For example, the west sector […]

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Feng Shui and Meditation Spaces

Just as someone may have a personal work-out gym in their own home, it is not unusual for a client to have or desire to have a meditation space. Sometimes the meditation space is informally put together and as simple as an altar in a room which has other functions (bedroom, living room, […]

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Can Bad Feng Shui Be Unlucky for the House Itself?

I just got through giving a “Thumbs-Down” review to a client interested in buying a particular house. And it is never just one flaw which would make me dissuade a potential buyer. With one of the flaws I was describing to the client, the corner angle of the house across the street creates a […]

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