Feng Shui And Crystals

Rose Quartz for Attracting More Love by Kartar Diamond

In the realm of traditional Feng Shui, there are several approaches we use to help garner more love and romance. I have written about it in my e-book Feng Shui Tips for Love and Romance, which is an extended excerpt from my book, The Feng Shui Matrix.

In traditional Feng Shui we can relate to […]

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Which Element Do Natural Crystals Represent? by Kartar Diamond

It may seem odd to ask the question, “Which element(s) do natural crystals represent?” But of course the crystal is the earth element on first go-around. Anything that is a rock or gemstone will qualify as earth and can be used as an earth adjustment when we reference Five Element Theory in Feng […]

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Shungite, Ancient Stone for Vital Modern Uses by Kartar Diamond

In the practice of Feng Shui, there are “classical” or traditional remedies, to address the kinds of problems which have affected people for millennium. The natural and man-made environment has been interpreted for how it can influence the health, well-being and financial success of the occupants.

There are modern adaptations for ancient concepts and observations. […]

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Where NOT To Place Natural Crystals by Kartar Diamond

You can hardly ever go wrong when it comes to using natural crystals for health, healing and guidance. Where to place them is mostly a non-issue, even if you just enjoy them as works of art.

Crystals have their own high vibration and can work as an earth element adjustment, one of the Five Elements […]

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