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Where to Get a Luo pan? by Kartar Diamond

The exotic, Chinese Feng Shui compass is called a luo pan, sometimes written as lo’ pan. Students often want to obtain one to use in their studies and a few Feng Shui masters and Schools have provided them over the years. Master Sang used to manufacture a very simple luo pan, while Master Raymond […]

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The House Trigram Number by Kartar Diamond

In the Beginner’s course materials (Companion File), I give a description of a formula for houses, which is not the regular flying star chart used universally by Xuan Kong Fei Xing practitioners. It is a simpler formula, which does not require factoring in the age of the house or building. This application […]

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The Locked Phase: Concept, Mechanics, & Remedies by Kartar Diamond

All of you receiving the School Newsletter are in the Beginner’s Module or have been in the past. In Chapter 4 of Feng Shui for Skeptics, pages 71-77 give definition to this principle of the house going through a period called a Locked Phase. It is worth it to re-read it as many times as […]

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Plans to Help You Succeed by Kartar Diamond

I originally created Kartar’s School of Traditional Feng Shui, as a comprehensive program and continue to aim for it to be one of the best feng shui learning experiences any student could have. It is currently a combination of voluminous self-study reading, private one-on-one mentoring via skype, phone or email, and rigorous testing to make […]

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