Evaluating Businesses as Yang Environments by Kartar Diamond

Evaluating Businesses as Yang Environments by Kartar Diamond

When I read articles by other Feng Shui practitioners, sometimes I cringe because all too often a generic Feng Shui principle will be passed on, without regard for whether the location in question is a home or business, including retail establishments.

A business, by definition, can and should be a more “yang” environment than a personal residence. Of course there are exceptions, such as the “yin” environment expected of a yoga center, massage clinic, or therapist’s office. And that is the point: we have to take into consideration who will be using a space, how many people, and what is the function of the space.

Even more interesting, is that Feng Shui environments can be tailored to a really specific type of business, which can complement the type of business. The ideal environment for a martial arts studio will not be the same ideal environment for a hair salon. Sometimes we want the energies to cater to the owner of a business whereas other times we prefer the energies to cater to the customers or patrons, so that they will return again and again.

Positioning key people to the business, such as a sales staff, in the most positive areas of the floor plan is another way to increase success for the entire business. Since 1992, I have reviewed many different commercial properties, from small stores to shopping centers. As well, the range in types of businesses I have been asked to evaluate has been wide and sometimes incongruous, from places of worship to an Erotic-Bakery-Strippers-for-Hire Agency!

And yet, I usually see some kind of ironic consistency in what type of business occupies the building and the inherent Feng Shui aspects. Sometimes there are many correlations and sometimes just a subtle few. An example might be a successful shoe store oriented sitting east (the east direction is related to the feet.) Another ironic example is the Colonics Center I reviewed, which had energy in the treatment room which could cause or attract digestive problems!

Some of the best recommendations for a business are common sense, and some clearly require a trained professional to understand the space in non-obvious ways. Context is so important and we have to factor in the orientation of a building, the shape, the size and height, the year built, who is working there, key people, how the public may respond to certain features, and more. For even more insight, I have created an ebook called Feng Shui Tips for Businesses, available on my website.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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