Feng Shui and Ancient Astronaut Theory by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and Ancient Astronaut Theory by Kartar Diamond

One of the few shows on television to grab my undivided attention years ago was the History Channel’s series called Ancient Aliens. Even for the most skeptical individual, this is a very entertaining and engrossing way to learn more about science, history, astronomy, architecture, archaeology, religion, sociology and many other subjects. Most importantly though is how seamlessly the show connects all these topics.

In Season Two of the series, the words “Feng Shui” were uttered in relation to an ancient practice called geomancy; in fact feng shui used to be called Chinese Geomancy in western academia long before this ancient misunderstood predictive art became trendy in the Western world. Geomancy is described as “earth divination” but it encompasses many other beliefs and applications regarding the power contained in the earth and how it can be channeled, in part through electromagnetism.

Brought to the forefront in many of the episodes are the incredible and conventionally unexplainable structures we have on our planet such as the ancient pyramids and many other monuments which some question their being built by human beings, unless they had technologies which surpassed our current construction capabilities. Underground structures from ancient times have been equally impressive.

In addition to the sheer size and geometric precision of these structures, most were directionally aligned according to the North Star or constellations such as Orion. They were clearly meant to be viewed from the sky, and they have many things in common with each other in areas of the world that would seemingly not have even known about each other, unless some ancient people actually had water or air craft to travel the world. Ancient Astronaut theorists are convinced that the evidence of advanced societies was either placed here by extra-terrestrials or accomplished by humans with their assistance.

Taken out of context, many of these theories still seem far-fetched, but where Feng Shui comes into the picture includes its very origins. We credit the Chinese with having developed the practice to a higher level of sophistication than say, its East-Indian counterpart called Vastu Shastra. And yet, there was a sharing of information between the people of China and India, and Africa, for thousands of years. If you do a web search on Magic Squares, you will see that other great cultures, going even further back to Sumerian times, were all trying to figure out the significance of the astronomical influences on humans and our whole planet. Many understood the Earth to be round, even while others were still claiming it to be flat. And we may think it was rather primitive for so much Sun-worshipping, but without our Sun there would be no life on Earth as we know it.

More and more people believe that our world has been technologically advanced several times over now, but we’ve destroyed ourselves a number of times too and have lost the advanced knowledge we once had even as recently as 6,000-9,000 years ago. Most of this would be conjecture if it were not for so many archaeological findings, including instruments that are tens of thousands of years old which appear to be hand-held computers or astronomical calculators, just to name a few shocking discoveries.

Another example is the ancient Hindu texts which explicitly detail the engineering plans for air craft which they called “vimanas.” One of the most long standing stories in Chinese folklore is that the first Feng Shui master discovered the Luo-Shu Square, a directionology template that we use, on the back of a “turtle” emerging from the River Lo. With everything the Ancient Astronaut theorists have put forth, it is actually much more plausible that the symbolism which we came to know as the “trigrams” might have been a type of coded language found on the top of an alien space craft (round, disc-like) emerging from the water. We’ve all heard of UFOs and there are also USOs (unidentified submarine objects.)

Eight Trigram Theory and the hexagrams from the I-Ching form the framework of Chinese metaphysics with influences in every aspect of life. The hexagrams have been correlated with DNA coding and the Chinese had a working knowledge of endocrinology dating back to two thousand years ago. The 20th century work of Joseph Needham has also proved that the Chinese were discovering and inventing things anywhere from hundreds of years to thousands of years ahead of Europeans or Americans and they were on track to be the world’s leader, in leaps and bounds, in just about everything.

Needham’s philosophical question of course was, “what happened to slow it all down?” So, whether the Chinese were extraordinarily intellectually gifted, or they got an unfair advantage from the “sky gods” we may never know for sure.

Many of the seemingly mystical terms we use in Feng Shui are direct nods to astronomy, such as the term “flying stars.” We use these words casually and they relate to the stars of the Big Dipper, along with deeper definitions. Other cultures, in addition to the Chinese, used the words “heaven” to describe what they were forecasting from the sky and “gods” for phenomenon and energies they had no other words for in their language for. Even in our current modern times, when something happens that we just don’t yet understand scientifically (like a cancer spontaneously going into remission) we just call it a miracle.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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