Feng Shui and Photosynthesis by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and Photosynthesis by Kartar Diamond

Science tells us that the world as we know it would not exist without the Sun. Our planet’s relationship with the Sun pervades all forms of life. And the inception of Feng Shui is also the story of how we as people are affected by this magnificent star. Everything we eat, drink and breathe has been touched by the Sun and photosynthesis charges every cell. The Sun allows our bodies to heal and manufacture its own nutrients, such as Vitamin D. The Sun affects our energy levels, sleep cycles, hair growth, glandular secretions and every facet of our being is influenced by the Sun.

So it should come as no surprise that imbedded in all of Chinese metaphysics, and Feng Shui in particular, are codes and symbolism which all lead back to the Sun. The relationship between a human and the Sun is also a comparison of microcosm and macrocosm, with one charming detail as an example: the angle of the Earth to the Sun is presently 23 degrees and so is the angled tilt of the heart in the rib cage. (Thank you Heluo!)

In Feng Shui theory we learn that how we calculate important periods of time is in sync with the Sun and its distance from Earth. Our planet moves toward and away from the Sun in a predictable pattern referred to in Astronomy as Perihelion and Aphelion. These are markers of gravitational pull as well as time, such as the beginning of the Feng Shui Solar New Year. The very well known, but deeply coded Yin-Yang symbol is an illustration of the Earth’s movement around the Sun.

In classical Xuan Kong Flying Star School, we learn about eight different manifestations of Sun energy, which are called Trigrams. They are all permutations of the Sun energy, also known as Wu Huang, The Emperor. When Feng Shui enthusiasts know enough to be dangerous, they fear this energy called Five Yellow, also known as the “Evil Emperor.” But Five Yellow is the Sun and the force of gravity, worthy of our respect and awe, not fear. The Five Yellow Star is so bright that it is like a mirror which reflects back to us, what is inherently scripted for us as learning tools. For example, in 2014, the 5 Yellow star resided in the direction of Northwest. So, it would be typical for Flying Star School practitioners to regard the Northwest in that year as an area primed for accidents, arguments and a variety of mishaps which might be particularly harsh on the father in the house, since the direction of Northwest is related to patriarchal energy.

And yet, below the surface there are many other interpretations and resolutions for this kind of environment. In the same way that some people thrive in an environment not suited for all, we can say the Five Yellow may literally open doors of power to those who can handle the “Emperor.” Historically, the Chinese emperors as actual rulers were larger than life personalities. Some were known to be compassionate and wise, but some were terrifically cruel and sociopathic, not unlike many government leaders and modern day corporate CEO’s. Hence, the enduring metaphor is that Five Yellow Star can be unpredictable, hostile and the cause of major events.

These insights and “continuing education” have only come gradually to me, as a practitioner for decades. A true master- in- the- making cannot sit on their laurels and just accept anything in Chinese metaphysics at face value. Every teaching is encrypted and paradoxical. What is hardly ever discussed is the power of the Sun, as the Five Yellow Star and its capacity to act as sheer gravitational pull, and the controller for magnetism, even pole shift.

When we get down to the details of a Feng Shui audit, we are calculating the influence of the Sun and Earth, Yin and Yang energies merging inside a structure as it is being built, with the placement of the roof ceiling in most of these energies. And yet, these energies can move through walls as surely as your wi-fi connection, so the house continues to be fueled by the power of the Sun. Exterior features to our environment are charged by the Sun, such as water and mountains. And like a satellite dish, they too bounce back energy toward the built structure. This is why the location of mountain and water sources is so crucial and basic to both Form School and Flying Star Schools.

We know that many ancient cultures and civilizations worshipped the Sun, personified the Sun, called Christ the Son “Sun” of God, with an enormous amount of references to astronomy and astrology throughout all religions and holy books. In current times we can even understand better the principles behind macrobiotics, where the guidelines of eating foods that vibrate at certain frequencies of the Sun and grown in certain seasons, can predict what our constitutional health may be like.

Many Classical practitioners commit to memory the “24 Solar Terms” which breaks down the 12 months into two phases each, noting the degree of intensity and interaction of the Earth cycles with the Sun. The 24 Solar terms will track the nuances of sub-seasons, weather, vegetation and even insect activity.

Feng Shui scholars from centuries ago had a keen understanding of nature and Sun Physics which rivals our modern-day authorities on such subjects. More than two thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered a phenomenon which is referred to as Geo-Botanical prospecting, which involves knowing what minerals and metals are in the Earth below, based on what kind of plant life is naturally occurring above. This became an easier way to find copper and gold and other metals. Even today, Western science knows relatively little about this. As well, the Chinese were hundreds of years, sometimes thousands of years ahead of European and Western society in their agricultural practices and inventions.

Feng Shui scholars from the distant past were also calendar makers, continuously striving for more accurate accountability of time, including the first clock inventions, and requiring advanced knowledge of astronomy.

The Sun, described as the “Five Yellow Star” in Feng Shui terminology, is also an indicator of where we need to focus our attention. In the same way that we can discuss the similarities and differences between the geometric center of a structure and the real qi center of a structure, we may find that our relative focus of attention is the center, and that is a manifestation of Five Yellow. We can ponder endlessly to the level of quantum mechanics what is the center of the center of the center, ad infinitum. The heart, nor the brain, is located in the literal center of the human body. And yet we can say that one or both may be the control tower, the focus of our attention (consciousness). The Solar Plexus is also an obvious hint as where our body’s qi center may be. In Feng Shui Theory, all directional energies and many influences are different manifestations of the Sun and its effect on us.

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