Home or Office: Which Is More Important? by Kartar Diamond

Home or Office: Which Is More Important? by Kartar Diamond

Sometimes, due to limited funds, a prospective client will ask me which location is more important or urgent, to “feng shui” first: the house or the business. It is a common erroneous assumption that the home only affects health and the business only affects money matters. In fact, in some of my classes the students chuckle when I talk about a person having a bedroom that is good for money potential. (As if one must be performing the “oldest profession in the world” in order to have a bedroom that makes you money.)

In reality, you are affected physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially be any and every environment, regardless of the function or use of the space. Let us say that a person has a bedroom which indicates a strong tendency for a car accident. Obviously, the car accident does not take place in the house. But it is energy that a person can take away with them out in the world. So, it is true that you can be sleeping in energy which helps or hinders your financial potential, no matter where you work.

To decide which location is more important to evaluate first cannot be determined without more information. For instance, if you work in a little cubicle or singular office for a big company and have little or no control over your work space, then of course it is more important to evaluate the home first. But if you own your business and physically spend a lot of time at that location, then its importance is on par with the home environment.

I am reminded of a client who once contacted me to say that she was having a terrible time with one of her employees. She was on the verge of firing her and she wanted to know if there were any additional feng shui remedies she could apply to her office to smooth things over. I reviewed this client’s file and could not see where she needed to do anything different or additional to my original recommendations. I then mentioned to her that I had never evaluated her home, only her office. This client was surprised to learn that her feng shui at home could be affecting her circumstances at work.

She agreed to have me look at her home and sure enough there were strong yearly energies in her home that would indicate a potential for her to be betrayed or cheated that year. At this point, my client fully confided in me that she was nearly certain her employee was embezzling from her. Armed with this knowledge, she investigated further and found the embezzlement to be a fact.

If you spend eight hours a night sleeping in your home and eight hours a day working at your business location, then both spaces will affect you almost equally. Many clients wisely ask me to evaluate both locations. Yet I have had some clients who I have only worked with on their residence and others who I have only worked with for their business location. Because I do not hard sell my services, I do not insist that I review both locations, (but I am convinced that both spaces are important.) I let the client come to that conclusion on their own. This is also true for children who split their custody time between two households.

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