Nine Star Ki Observations for December 2016 by Kartar Diamond

Nine Star Ki Observations for December 2016 by Kartar Diamond

On December 27, 2016 the world learned that actress and writer Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack she suffered four days earlier. In the span of a week, two other famous people, Alan Thicke and George Michael, also died of heart attacks.

As a Nine Star Ki practitioner, I always look at the monthly “luo shu” grid when I see something noteworthy in the News, especially if there is a trend, repeating the same or similar events. Both Alan Thicke and Carrie Fisher were the 8 Soil Star in the system known as Nine Star Ki. 8 Soil star people were destined to have a challenging year in 2016, more so than other years. Hillary Clinton is also an 8 Soil Star person and she certainly had a rough year politically, as well as with her health. In fact, for November 2016, the monthly luo shu really magnified the potential problems for her, compared to Trump who was being fueled doubly by the East, which is symbolic of spring time and having a lot of energy.

In December 2016, the 8 star people were in a time frame called a “Reversed Luo Shu Axis” for the month, in addition to another one overlapping for the year. The phrase “Reversed Luo Shu Axis” refers to a time frame when someone’s personal star is in a very uncomfortable position, the exact opposite (or “reverse”) of its home direction. This might be like someone who lives in a tropical area and then for one year they are banished to a totally different climate that is harsh and feels un-natural.

And for December, the 8 star people were also roped into the monthly Reversed Luo Shu Axis for the 3 star. This is like being an innocent bystander, getting ensnared with someone else’ problem. Carrie Fisher and Alan Thicke’s monthly 8 star was linked to a 9 star (heart or eyes) and juxtaposed opposite energies which could turn on a person. With Carrie in particular, the luo shu is more obvious because her 8 star is opposite a 4 star in not one, but two positions. The 4 star can symbolize an airplane.

One of the 4 stars is linked to the 5 star, which is known to cause weird events or freak accidents. The second pass of the 4 star is also linked to the monthly Reversed Luo Shu of the 3 star. To be blunt, this is like saying that more sh*t can happen. The 3 and 4 stars are also associated with the feet or legs. I am still wondering if she had a blood clot from the long plane ride that worked its way up to her heart.

With Alan Thicke, who died at an ice skating rink, I am wondering if the 4 star (wood element) symbolized the legs and perhaps standing too long or some other pressure on the lower part of the body. With George Michael, he was a 1 Water Star person, (often a very emotional and creative type with the 1 Water star also related to the sex organs). George Michael was a sex symbol to both men and women! His star was in the Southeast House for 2016, which should not have been so debilitating. The SE House is a shadow 4 star which is also related to the respiratory tract (wind/air). The monthly 9 star was joined to his star in the SE House for December and again the 9 star is related to the heart. The 9 star is also related to the pharmaceuticals. We may never know if his heart attack was brought on by taking the wrong drug or medication. I happen to know someone who lost their spouse years ago, and successfully persuaded the coroner to list a different cause of death. This was for no other reason but to keep the other family members from being humiliated by the actual cause of death.

On a similar note, the April 2016 Luo Shu grid when Prince died, showed his personal 6 Metal star linked to the 4 star, which can also symbolize an elevator! How can the 4 star symbolize an airplane in one instance and an elevator in another case? Well, the 4 star is related to the Wind, as in the Xun trigram.

The elevator moves up like the wind and when paired with a 1 star the movement can go up and down, like an elevator. The 4 star (wind) symbolizes the airplane, as is propelled by the wind like a bird.
Prince’s personal star was in the South House in April, which is known to be a time/place for “exposure” and having secrets revealed. We learned he had been living in pain for years and addicted to medications. In the April 2016 Luo Shu, his personal star in two instances is juxtaposed against a 5 star. So there is an indication for weird events or freak accidents as well. These observations are superficial and certainly general, but in hindsight we can almost always see the connection between the Luo Shu “numerology”and what may happen to a person or in predicting world events.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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