Rose Quartz for Attracting More Love by Kartar Diamond

Rose Quartz for Attracting More Love by Kartar Diamond

In the realm of traditional Feng Shui, there are several approaches we use to help garner more love and romance. I have written about it in my e-book Feng Shui Tips for Love and Romance, which is an extended excerpt from my book, The Feng Shui Matrix.

In traditional Feng Shui we can relate to a house like a radio, receiving certain frequencies, depending on which station we are tuned to. The house can attract good energies when we skillfully use the space (such as spending more time in the best parts of the house), as well as in balancing all portions of the house, which is often the more practical thing to do.

We can determine the inherently best portions of the house through calculations based on when it was built and its compass alignment. We can remedy any part of a house, the more practical thing to do, using natural elements, like water, wood, metal, earth or fire.

Our human affairs are influenced by the spaces we occupy, but we also have some measure of free will and can use many complementary modalities, such as natural crystals and gemstones. Natural crystals can be programmable and possess their own healing vibrations. Rose quartz is one of the more popularly known crystals associated with attracting love and enhancing self-love.

Another technique is to hold the rose quartz during meditation, or place it on the body while lying down. Raising your own vibration with meditation can help switch on the healing power of the stone. As well, you can place a stone in water and then drink the water for a homeopathic-like influence on the water. Another technique that includes water is to take a bath with these stones in the tub!

One secret of the ancient masters and dowsers in relation to Feng Shui is to place the healing stone of choice on an image of the space you want to balance. This could even be the drawn floor plan of a house. Remotely heal the area with the power of the natural crystal. We live in a parallel universe which you can transmit energy through!

Other stones which can attract love and romance include: unakite, chrysoprase, pearl, garnet, ruby, moonstone, blue lace agate, lemon quartz, amethyst, kunzite and green jade. These stones can help balance our body, mind and spirit towards more self-love, forgiveness, happiness and compassion.

At home or at work, you can hardly ever go wrong having these high vibration stones around you. Ancient civilizations even made underground spaces their homes and places of worship, with countless ways we can honor and invoke the energy of Mother Earth, including in these precious stones and natural crystals.

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