Shungite, Ancient Stone for Vital Modern Uses by Kartar Diamond

Shungite, Ancient Stone for Vital Modern Uses by Kartar Diamond

In the practice of Feng Shui, there are “classical” or traditional remedies, to address the kinds of problems which have affected people for millennium. The natural and man-made environment has been interpreted for how it can influence the health, well-being and financial success of the occupants.

There are modern adaptations for ancient concepts and observations. For example, it has been documented how an individual or family might be affected by an actual stream passing in front of their home. In modern times, the virtual stream can be the paved road passing in front of a house. Another example is the interpretation of surrounding buildings, in comparison to long ago when it was a mountain range or nearby hill which was the subject of concern.

In the Flying Star School, we also track the unseen energies produced when a structure is built and the influences remain similar on people, whether we are talking about a 1,000 year old castle or new home built this year. The magnetic field created by the mingling of earth energies and solar energies have been predictable for as long as they have been tracked.

Most of the world has to contend now with problems which did not exist until recently. I’m referring to the results of modern, industrial living. These circumstances threaten our health and well-being and can undermine what might otherwise be a good a feng shui environment.

Our air, land, and water are polluted. Every day, we encounter thousands of different chemicals from the water we drink and bathe in, food we eat, and off-gassing from synthetic materials that are in practically everything we touch. Even that organic broccoli you bought is wrapped in plastic which is penetrating right into the food. Apparently, virtually every human being on Earth now has detectable levels of plastic in their body. In addition to that, we have to battle the debilitating effects of electro-magnetic radiation.

Surrounded by electrical appliances, we are all bombarded with what is called EMFs. This stands for electro-magnetic frequencies. These EMFS are bad for our health, our nervous systems and there is a lot of documentation to suggest that there is a direct correlation between chronic exposure to EMFs and the increase in cancer. For example, brain cancer used to be rare, but right in sync with the proliferation of cell phones, brain cancer has become common. Most people are spending a long time in front of computers and this is undermining our physical and mental health in a myriad of ways.

Realistically, who is going to stop using a computer or cell phone? Even if you don’t use a cell phone much, most of us are living very close to not one, but many cell phone towers, often disguised as trees. One has to wonder why they are being disguised? And who is going to stop using their micro-wave oven or unplug their television when not in use? There are also other sources of EMFS that we are being assaulted with that go way beyond the scope of this article.

Enter shungite, a mineral-stone which was discovered in Russia, and believed to have been transported to Earth on an asteroid some 2 billion years ago. Shungite has a high carbon content, but also a unique molecular structure which scientists think can be used in both medical and technological ways to benefit humanity. It has already been shown to block electro-magnetic radiation.

This is why people place pieces of shungite next to their phone cradles, attached to their cell phones, next to appliances like the TV and also the computer.

I have even gone so far as to buy some shungite necklaces so that when I am away from my own home, I can be partially shielded from all the wi-fi frequencies I walk through in other people’s homes and businesses.

Shungite is a black stone. It looks like black tourmaline or obsidian, but it is a very different stone with unique powers. It can come polished or unpolished and some use a shiny form of it called “elite” shungite to purify water. The elite shungite has a higher ratio of carbon.

I used to shy away from making recommendations outside the scope of traditional Feng Shui. But now that I am seeing the devastating effects of our modern living, I can’t ignore the “elephant in the room,” not for myself nor my clients. For example, we can’t do the traditional adjustments for improved health, without addressing modern, universal environmental problems which no one is exempt from.

Shungite is not too expensive fortunately and it can be cleansed and charged regularly like other healing stones and minerals. Natural crystals can be placed outside once a month or so to absorb the cleansing and charging energies of both the sun and moon.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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