The Hierarchy of the Flying Stars by Kartar Diamond

The Hierarchy of the Flying Stars by Kartar Diamond

The term “flying stars” is an esoteric way to describe each unseen magnetic field which permeates every structure on the planet. This fabric of energy is mostly created when a structure is built and there are different types of flying stars.

We have the Construction Period star which is notated with numerical coding, like all the other stars. While these stars have a variety of attributes, in many cases they are indicators of time. For instance Period 8 is a time frame referring to the current 20 year era of 2004 to 2024. Period 9 is a time frame referring to all other previous Period 9 eras, but also the up-coming 20 year era of 2024 to 2044.

The Construction Periods are nine in total and they each last 20 years and then perpetually repeat themselves in order. This Construction Period alone can reveal some general truths about the times we live in and what may be themes throughout the world economically, technologically or socially.

When someone draws up a Period chart for a house or building, it is based on the structure’s initial construction Period and that Period star then “splits off” like a flow chart, creating what are referred to as Mountain Stars and Water Stars (aka Mountain Dragons and Water Dragons). Generally speaking, these bundles of energy situate themselves into directional zones and they can have the most powerful and enduring impact on the people who dwell in those directional zones of a house or building.

There are many schools of feng shui and one approach is to compare the Period star with the Mountain Star, to glean information and result in elemental adjustments to the space if necessary. Another approach is to compare the Period Star with the Water Star and see how that influences occupants.

The majority of Flying Star practitioners will place more emphasis on the comparison between the Mountain Star and the Water Star in each direction, and less so on the Period Star in each of the eight directions. I have always called the Period star a “shadow” influence. But others may disagree with me.

When it comes to the other stars, such as the annual stars or the monthly stars, all bets are off. Each traditional or individual practitioner will place more or less importance on these other more “temporary” stars. Annual and monthly stars are like guests in a home or building. They come and go. One view is that they are not as important because they are transitory. But in other circumstances, we can say that what is happening RIGHT NOW, based on the annual and monthly star, is more critical.

When I do Annual Update reports for clients, it is my job to compare the permanent stars with the changing “visitors”. I also get asked frequently by students for me to list which are the most important stars, but there really is no ultimate, definitive answer.

Let’s say your house normally has “good” flying stars and a good influence on you. But in one year and in one month and even in one day, the transitory stars all join forces to match up with something that does happen in reality, like a burglary or an accident. We can argue then that the changing energies are having a bigger effect, right then and right there, than the long term stars. It’s like when someone says, “You aren’t going to have a future unless you take care of what is happening RIGHT NOW!”

And yet another layer is to look at the “stars” which are also referred to as trigrams, based on directionology. We could say for instance that a flying star 5 will be more fueled by the innate fire energy of the south than in the innate metal energy of the west. So, whether that flying star 5 is permanent, annual, monthly or a daily star, we can qualify its potential influence based on what elemental force is associated with a particular direction it resides in.

If I had a gun to my head and someone forced me to prioritize the various flying stars, I would probably say that the permanent Mountain Star and Water Star hold rank over the Period star. And I would say that the annual is more impactful than the monthly star, with the trigram “star” being the most subtle in its influence. There are exceptions to this hierarchy however. When someone wishes to do something in a short time frame, like get pregnant in a certain month, or put their house up for sale on a certain day, then we can and should try to micro-manage these smaller units of time.

The Period Star also becomes relevant in identifying certain “Special House” types where all three stars in a certain direction, and consistent throughout the whole structure, form a unique pattern of energy.
One more layer to consider is the function of a room, where a Mountain Star may be more influential in a sleeping room and a Water Star may be more influential in a work space.

There are other Schools of Feng Shui which place top priority with the personal “star” or birth data of the occupant(s). What may be good for them, may not be good for another person. The good news is that there are often ways to cater to all of these stars. The bad news is that there will always be conflicting stars in some time frames. I go into greater detail about this in my Case Study Lesson Plan entitled Conflicting Remedies for the Flying Stars.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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