Unsolved Mysteries Revealed through the Esoteric Arts by Kartar Diamond

Unsolved Mysteries Revealed through the Esoteric Arts by Kartar Diamond

I posted an article on Facebook in June 2017 about the important differences between a “hoax” and a “false flag” event. And I intentionally did not make any politically biased references. In fact, even if you don’t believe that hoaxes or false flags ever occur, you can still agree that many strange events and crimes don’t get solved. Innocent people get charged and convicted all too often. The cliff hanger for that article is about whether or not esoteric arts can reveal when an event, perceived by many or most, is really not what it appears to be.

As a theoretical example, let’s say that some well-known personality appears to have committed suicide and that is accepted by the public as the official cause of death. Would an astrologer be able to look into their personal chart and proclaim with accuracy that there is no way in hell such person would commit suicide? Was it more likely foul play or some other cause?

Or could a hoax be so nearly flawless that no one realizes for decades, or forever, that something didn’t happen—while the astrology report still confirms that it did happen? I think that in general, that some esoteric arts are reliable at predicting certain things will happen, but not necessarily explain the big WHY.

Feng Shui focuses on the physical environment and how it affects the individual and not so much the other way around. There are personal aspects to Feng Shui, where a person can turn lemons into lemonade, by adjusting their environment, but Feng shui still does not having a 100% influence. And if you believe in Free Will, then nothing is really cast in stone; the predictions are only trends or possible scenarios. As another example, your feng shui may reveal you are in a legal problem, but not be so specific to show that it is your disgruntled neighbor who called the Department of Building and Safety when you were remodeling without permits! Or why the neighbor did that?

Feng Shui has many complementary practices, including Nine Star Ki, where the chart can reveal the personal traits and cycle an individual is in, as well as what the overall trends are for the world at large or one’s own local area. Even in this practice, it is hard to be 100% accurate or that specific. For example, when I was studying the Nine Star Ki yearly and monthly charts regarding the Boston Marathon bombers, my mentor asked me where the younger brother could be hiding. One tidbit of information suggested a boat, which seemed ridiculous even as I had a flash of the young man escaping James Bond-style on a jet ski, and yet he was found hiding in a covered boat. In retrospect, that was a lucky guess because that same bit in the chart could have also suggested he was hiding in a restaurant.

Sometimes law enforcement resorts to psychics for help in solving a case. And like remote viewing, the psychic has to be highly skilled in which “multi-verse” they are dipping into. With Chinese, Western and Vedic astrology, or I-Ching divination, different sides of a story can be revealed and some practitioners use everything at their disposal from various systems to make a more nuanced and specific discovery. On the subject of predictive arts, I can highly recommend a book titled “Dreaming the Future” by one of my favorite authors, Clifford Pickover. He lists hundreds of divination techniques I had never even heard of before.

In the 2016 election cycle, most astrologers predicted a Clinton win. A few astrologers challenged this with their own methods for predicting a Trump win. And of course, an astrologer can be biased when interpreting their findings as well. This is a real downfall because ultimately every astrologer just wants to be accurate and their reputation could be riding on their hits and misses.

Over the decades I have read about many global predictions or have seen personal charts for famous people (and politicians) drawn up by others. I have seen both situations play out in the readings: where the reading reflects, and in great detail, what the general population believes is the truth, as well as a reading which reveals contradictory things not known to the general public. What I have not seen a lot in astrology reports is the reasons why. I assume that a real cover-up may only get revealed when it is reviewed from multiple angles and access to the birth data of those critically involved. As a comparison in Feng Shui, I might be able to see from the house or office energy that a client is fighting with their employer, but not know the reason why, or understand who is the underdog and who is the instigator unless I also reviewed the employer’s feng shui.

I believe a highly skilled astrologer may understand what is below the surface and why the deception was not discovered, as is the case with hoaxes and false flags. Those kinds of findings may not get validated for decades, until there is reason or more evidence to question the official story.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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