An Article About My Articles by Kartar Diamond

After having written several hundred articles, they can be classified in a different way than what you see on my Blog pages. Some articles are really only interesting to serious feng shui students or fellow practitioners. I discuss advanced techniques or nuanced observations that are usually only interesting to consultants or those studying to be. Some articles are more interesting to students or clients just when the topic is relevant to their own circumstances (like what a dying tree in your backyard might indicate).

There is a small sub-group of articles I send out multiple times per year because they address critical issues that a client needs to understand when it comes to buying a house, raw land, new construction or remodeling. Other articles are sent out many times per year to help explain the many pieces of misinformation perpetuated by books and internet posts. Following is a breakdown of articles I have written for clients with a timely need for accurate information. Some of them fit into more than one of the categories below.

For Residential or Commercial Property Searches
Why Appraiser’s Drawings Don’t Work for Feng Shui Purposes

Feng Shui Interprets Room Importance

Feng Shui for Investment Properties

Questions About Magnetic North and the Feng Shui Compass

The Out of Trigram House

Facts About the Four Major House Types

For Remodelers
Changing the Period of a House

The Role of Feng Shui Versus a Design Consultation

What Happens When You Change Your Roof?

Using Feng Shui in the Design Phase

Conflicting Approaches and Different Schools of Feng Shui

Eight Mansion School and the Gender Controversy

Feng Shui Year of Construction: Why Do I Keep Harping on this?

The Quality of Feng Shui Information on the Internet

Real Water Versus Virtual Water in Feng Shui Theory

Sorting Through Some Different Schools of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consumer Tip Guide

Exotic Trinkets Not Necessary as Feng Shui Remedies

The Real Feng Shui New Year

Feng Shui and the Holidays

Space Clearing Procedures

Can Feng Shui Help Someone Who Doesn’t Believe In It?

Shungite: Ancient Stone for Vital Modern Uses

More Feng Shui Bathroom Myths

Feng Shui Kitchen Facts & Myths

Author: Kartar Diamond
Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®
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