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The best type of Feng Shui advice is comprehensive and which factors in many influences. However, if you don’t yet desire a full evaluation of your home or work location, it is possible for me to answer one question at a time. In fact, there are two basic groups of questions that people ask me:  One is specific to your individual and unique space. The other types of questions relate to general Feng Shui theory.  I usually do not charge at all for generic feng shui questions.  An example of this might be:

  • Is it bad feng shui to paint a ceiling a dark color?
  • Is it better feng shui to live near the ocean or in the mountains?
  • Is it okay for me to sleep under a window?
  • If I sleep under exposed beams, what can I do to fix that?

These above examples are questions that can be answered without knowing any other particulars of your own private space.

In order to answer a more personal question, I need some background information from you in order to do that, which I can keep on file in case you have additional questions later. I do this with my regular clients, when they contact me with a follow up question. I can just glance at their file and give a quick answer, without charging.  Before becoming an actual client, you can start with small steps if you don’t want a full Feng Shui report at this time.

What kinds of questions do I charge for?  I would not just give you a yes or no answer. I would explain WHY I am answering the question the way I am.  Below are just some random examples of a personal question where I need some information from you first.

  • Is this a good year to remodel my kitchen? (And if not, when is?)
  • What is my best sleeping direction? (And other good options?)
  • I have three bedrooms in my house; which is the best one for me to sleep in?
  • What is the best placement for the desk in my home office?
  • What is a Romance Remedy I can use in my house?
  • What can I do inside my home to help boost financial luck?
  • Is my low back pain related to any aspect of my work place feng shui?
  • Is there a good spot in my house to study?
  • Is there a good place in my house to be creative?

To answer the sample questions above, which are unique and specific to someone’s floor plan and/or  birth date, I need to be provided with an accurate floor plan sketch first. Before answering a question I might also need to find out when the house or building was built and do my own remote compass reading as well.

You can pay for a quick answer to one question ($28.00).  You can then email me your question.  I will then follow up with you in terms of what other background information I need first before answering your question.  Email:

When will you receive an answer to your question? Unless I am out of town, you are most likely to get an answer to your singular question within 24 hours, or even sooner if I receive your email while I’m in my office. (I don’t routinely conduct business on my cell phone however.)

Thank you!

Example of a Question and Answer:

Q: In my bedroom I can sleep with my head to the west wall or the north wall.  I was born in 1975, so is there a best position for me in the bedroom indicated on the floor plan?

A:  According to your birth data, sleeping with your head to the west wall is better for you personally. Everyone has four basic good directions for when they are laying down sleeping and your top four directions are Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and West.  Sleeping head to west can be very relaxing for you, whereas sleeping head to north for you could be more draining than invigorating. Sleeping aligned with a flat wall is best, but if you have room to angle your bed to the northwest corner, that happens to be a major “wealth” attracting direction for you personally.

***If you don’t already have an accurate to-scale drawing of your floor plan, you can purchase my ebooklet ($6.00), How to Draw a Floor Plan Sketch first.