Can Bad Feng Shui Make You Fat? by Kartar Diamond

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Years ago someone pointed out to me that there was a website selling “feng shui wind chime refrigerator magnets” and claiming that they help you lose weight. Except for the fact that they must chime with guilt every time you open the fridge, I can’t say that this is a legitimate remedy in any shape or form. (Just feng shui marketing gimmick #1,357).

But are there components to a house that can actually contribute to weight gain? I think that answer is yes, but only in an indirect way.

Example 1: There are some house types which can make undermine health in both general and specific ways. This in turn could undermine a weight loss exercise regime.

Example 2: There are some house types which can make an occupant feel lonely or depressed. This in turn could make someone eat more out of frustration.

Example 3: There are some house types which can encourage addictive behaviors. For some, this includes an increase in drug and alcohol use. For others it can manifest as a decrease in personal discipline (to eat healthy and exercise.) As well, refined sugar could be considered a drug.

Example 4: In advanced Flying Star feng shui, it is understood that the “5-earth” energy is associated with cells and skin, dividing and multiplying. This could indirectly contribute to weight gain if the 5-earth star energy is in your bedroom (a place you spend a lot of time in).

Example 5: There can be a Pavlovian response to having a kitchen be the first room you see when you enter your house.

Example 6: A fellow feng shui practitioner asked me to start taking notice of clients who have their best prosperity energies (currently Flying Star 8) in the kitchen. She thinks there might be a correlation between the prosperity star in the kitchen and the occupant getting fatter. (This has to do with being able to “store” energy).

Example 7: There are certain house types which make the occupant want to go out all the time and not stay at home. This in turn would contribute to a person eating out more often and succumbing to unhealthy food choices.

The good news is that there are remedies for most of these circumstances. One client of mine was sleeping in a bedroom that indicated “set-backs and pain” as the likely influence of that room. She followed the recommendation and the unexpected side benefit was that suddenly she and her husband were getting up easier and full of energy and enthusiasm to go work out. Prior to that, it had always been a struggle to get up on time or to be motivated to go to the gym.

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