Can Feng Shui Predict Freak Accidents? by Kartar Diamond

June 5, 2009: That one week there were a number of upsetting events in the news, including the disappearance of a commercial airliner headed for Paris, hit by lightning over the Atlantic Ocean. Just a couple days prior, some people in Southern California were also killed by lightning and in the same week actor David Carradine was found dead in his hotel room in Thailand, hanging himself in the closet.

Because my “Feng Shui Brain” never sleeps, it occurred to me that these tragic events may have been influenced by Feng Shui-– and predictable through traditional calculations we do based on timing and direction. In fact, the lightning strikes reminded me of a client in Florida years ago, who reported that her house was struck by lightning. When she told me where, it matched up with an area of her house where the “flying star 3” was present, coupled with an annual energy that would increase the intensity.

For the layman, this “3 star” is an energy that can predict electrical problems and is associated with the Zhen trigram, also symbolic of thunder. This “flying star 3” energy usually manifests by making people argumentative, gossipy, or have legal problems. But the more obscure definitions can include being bitten by a dog or struck by lightning.

As well, there is a Feng Shui calculation which can predict a potential death from hanging, though it is a rare occurrence. In decades of consulting, I have only encountered the variables which could create that situation one time. It was the home of a famous actor, living in the Hollywood Hills. I forewarned him that there were circumstances within his bedroom and some landscaping plans for just outside the bedroom window which could result in an accident. I didn’t want to scare him, so I just told him how to avoid the accident without getting specific. Based on the kind of lifestyle he led, I was even more concerned that he or a guest could have an accident.

Feng Shui is a predictive art and I have found that people of all types love predictions, although they may not recognize it as such. A day-trader follows trends and tries to predict what will happen at any given moment in the stock market. From economists, to political analysts, to seismic activity experts to celebrity gossip shows, everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the future.

Originally, Feng Shui masters were dedicated to helping people avoid tragedies and the very real forces of nature that people were subjected to on a more immediate and threatening basis than they are now. Still, there are circumstances in modern day living and architecture which can predict at least the possibility of a freak accident, whether it is a school shooting or terrorist bombings. For Feng Shui students reading this article, it is the “9” star which is associated with aviation, fires and explosions. It is very volatile energy when paired with the 2, 5 and 7 stars. We call certain units of energy “stars” and we give them numerical coding, much like H2O stands for water.

Likewise, in the complementary esoteric system known as Nine Star Ki, we can predict the likely timing of freak accidents when the 5 star is involved. The 5 star can be prominent in the personal yearly and monthly chart for an individual, as opposed to a physical space, which is more of the domain of Feng Shui. When combining the personal destiny with the physical triggers of a home or work environment, then we can get into a higher level of accuracy with any of these Predictive Arts.

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