Can You Help Someone With Feng Shui Without Them Knowing It? by Kartar Diamond

The word “intention” pops up frequently in discussions about Feng Shui because some practitioners feel this is an integral part of a remedy or solution to a problem. While I don’t totally disagree with this premise, I think it is over-emphasized. All remedies, whether it is adding an element to a room or moving some piece of furnishing, are all designed to change the magnetic field of a room or the air current flow. Whether a person is aware of it or not or “believes” in it is absolutely not essential. As an example, if a room has an air purifier in it and you are not aware of this, you can still benefit from the better quality of the air.

Countless times I have made recommendations to the one family member who hired me, and everyone in the family benefits from the adjustments made to the household, regardless of whether they are aware of those changes made by the client on behalf of everyone else. The classic example is the wife who hires me without her husband’s knowledge. Then she follows through with changes to the house and the husband’s business increases and the unruly kids start behaving better. I have also audited many hundreds of examples of commercial properties where no one is aware of the Feng Shui, for good or bad. But the influence on large groups of people is predictable nevertheless.

The question of whether or not you can help someone with Feng Shui when they do not know it can be broken down into other sub-categories as well. For instance, can you help someone who doesn’t live with you by doing remedies to your home? How far and wide do these remedies reach? Because we are all connected on some level, it is possible for a remedy in your own home to help someone who does not even live there. The influence will not be nearly as great as if adjustments were made to their own dwelling, but there can still a subtle connection.

For example, a person may have energy in their home that can indicate that the woman will not get along with her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law does not have to live with the daughter-in-law for this to take place. But if a remedy is installed in the daughter-in-law’s home to improve that relationship, it can transcend to the mother-in-law who lives elsewhere.

That said, I often remind people who purchase rental properties that they will only be minimally affected by the Feng Shui of a property they do not dwell in. If you are the landlord to a house that is deemed “bad for money,” then your tenants may have a hard time paying you the rent money. But if their bedroom indicates lung problems, you as the landlord would not be influenced by those energies, only the person sleeping in that room would.

Another sub-category of this topic is whether a consultation should proceed on behalf of someone who is being forcefully persuaded into having their property evaluated by well-meaning friends or family. This might be on par with forcing someone to go to a doctor when they are sick, but not receptive at all to taking the doctor’s advice. It just doesn’t work that well. The exception of course is when the Feng Shui expert is able to tell the reluctant client so many personal things about their life (just based on the Feng Shui of their dwelling) that the skeptical person becomes immediately won over by the accuracy of the analysis and their attitude turns positive.

In those instances, the reluctant client might become quite convinced and good with their follow through. There is also a spiritual law and historical precedent that a Feng Shui practitioner should not give advice to someone who doesn’t want it. And that is also just good manners and common sense.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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