Case Study of My Own Home by Kartar Diamond

I moved to a new home as of June 2019. Perhaps I will write up a Case Study on the home I lived in from 2002-2019, but I’ll start with the new abode. Many of my clients are curious as to what kind of Feng Shui I would put myself into, considering how this is my profession. Do I Practice What I Preach?

I can say that I absolutely take Feng Shui very seriously for myself and I looked at many beautiful homes, which I passed on because they had Feng Shui flaws that I would not be able to fix or fix to my level of satisfaction. I was also looking in an area with a big inventory and I knew that I could take that chance to pass on a house in favor of something better that would be available soon.

Some of this article will be a a little “technical” for the fellow Feng Shui practitioner, but I will attempt to keep the description of the house mostly in lay man’s terms.

Firstly, within the Schools of Feng Shui which take personal compatibility into consideration, I found a place that really caters to me as an “East” type person. The favored directions for an East Type person are: South, North, Southeast and East. The house I chose “sits” South. The master bedroom is in the Southeast and I can sleep head to East. The home office is in the North sector and I can sit in the room in the North sector of the room (small tai qi), with my back (for support) to East. Other areas of the house where I will dwell a lot include a living room in the Southeast and a Dining Room in the South.

Additionally, when we factor in some of the Chinese Astrology related to Feng Shui, the house “sits” in the Horse Direction. This happens to be a Romance direction for me, so….we’ll see what happens. If a person is not looking specifically for romance, that same energy can simply make the person more charismatic, social, or magnanimous.

The facing sector of the house is to the Rat direction, and that is my personal Liu He sign, my “buddy” direction is Rat (North). This can also be a further support for the compatible occupant.

This Period 8 house is called “Double Sitting.” The Double Sitting House needs water behind it to make it more supportive for financial luck and the house has a really big fountain, already installed! It is also a house that is made even better for the health and well-being of the occupants, by having a hill or incline of land behind it.

You can see from the photo inserted into this article, that the land goes up behind the fountain in the backyard. Additionally, there is a concrete wall attached to the concrete fountain and that can also qualify as a “virtual” mountain.

I have purposefully placed a home altar and meditation spot in the south sector, with the 8-8 health and wealth stars to dwell in each day. And I will also be spending a lot of time in the “4” star energy, which supports writers and creative people. I am actually working on two new books! Now, some practitioners are wary of the 4 star since it is not in a wang or sheng cycle in Period 8. And it is true that an un-remedied 4 star can attract romance problems. But what I have seen since 1992 is that those people who have creative outlets (writing, art, music, acting), the 4 star can also serve their inner muse and work as a minor wealth star.

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