Changing the Period of a House, Part 1 by Kartar Diamond

There are a number of ways to change the Period of a house, with one of the main ways being the removal of both the ceiling and roof. This has to be clarified to make sure that it is understood because many homes have a new roof put on every 20-30 years, but that does not change the Period chart for the house.

In order for the original energy to leave a house, it is more than the roof which needs to be removed. The ceiling has to be removed along with it. It is necessary for the rays of the Sun to shine down into the house (or building) all the way to the first floor. In fact, some practitioners believe that the rays of the Sun need to hit the dirt, not just the wood, concrete or carpeted first floor.

You may have heard or will hear about other more esoteric circumstances or events in which the Period of the structure may change. These are not going to be covered in this article. But another physical example of how the Period can change is when a house more than doubles in size. This could be an enlargement of a one-story house. However, the ceiling often gets removed from a house when a second story is added on.

In that scenario there are a lot of things to consider. Did the ceiling get removed at the same time as the roof? Did the ceiling get removed after the new and higher roof was added? Did the first floor’s ceiling stay mostly intact (except for the staircase opening), even with a second-story added on? These details can help determine if the original Period chart “left the building” and a new energy chart completely took over. It could also determine if the house will retain the original Period chart and allow it to rise up to the new second floor.

One question that often gets asked is: How long does there need to be an opening in a roof/ceiling in order for the Period chart to change? You may hear that it takes anywhere from hours to weeks for the original flying star chart to escape and a new one to be created. I challenge any practitioner to give me empirical evidence on the timing of a change in Period charts. Most practitioners are just passing along an estimate which they have learned from someone else on this particular topic.

Most practitioners consult on properties which have not been radically remodeled, precisely because statistically most properties are not radically remodeled to begin with. So they would need to have a life time of experience or consult exclusively on structures which get opened up to the sky. As an example, at the time of this article being written, I have evaluated more than 5,000 properties. Out of those 5,000+ properties, I don’t think that I have assessed more than a couple hundred where we could compare “before” and “after” experiences when a second-story was added on. What I have evaluated much more frequently is the one-story house which has more than doubled in size, spreading out—not up. However, there is something similar about building up versus building out.

Think about how much time it takes to build a second story. From a single room to a whole second floor that matches the footprint of the first floor, the addition could take weeks to months. And there you have your answer for how long it takes the energy to change: weeks to months. If there is a gaping hole, this will be the second time for the house to have an undefined flying star chart. This is like the original construction, when the Period chart is yet undefined. The energies will be re-formulating and will not be set (again) until the new roof and ceiling have been completed. In other words, it is not even relevant to ponder how long the flying star chart takes to LEAVE a structure. What is important is how long it takes to enclose the structure once again. And depending on the size, the new roof/ceiling can take weeks or months.

Clearly, we are not talking about a skylight (even a large one), which could be installed in a matter of hours or days. And by definition, the opening for a skylight would not be enough of an opening to “leak out” the whole flying star chart. The flying star chart is quite durable; for example, it is not dissipated by keeping windows open. The relationship of Time and Space is between the Sun and Earth, sky and ground.

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