Current Luck Versus Future Luck by Kartar Diamond

Current Luck Versus Future Luck by Kartar Diamond

One of the magical aspects to Feng shui is that remedies applied to flawed areas of a home or business can often yield a pretty immediate response or improvement. There are loads of stories, and even my own case studies, where clients might experience something extraordinary within days after making a recommended change. And that change might be as simple as adding a water fountain to the right location of their house, or placing a large red colored object in the specified area that needs the fire element.

But there is also a concept in Feng shui that deals with future luck. It is about garnering energy that is on its way but has not yet arrived. It can be about securing something in the near future, such as a movie deal or a future inheritance.

In each major time cycle that we live in, there is a direction associated with that time cycle and then the next major time cycle can be tinkered with as well. For example, the current time we live in (2004 to 2024) is called Period 8. Period 8 is ruled by the direction of northeast. So we can say that the direction of northeast has really strong chi.

If someone were to build a house that was backed up to the direction of northeast, then the house would have an aspect to it that is particularly supportive for the occupants’ health and well-being in the time frame we are in now. If a house is built facing northeast right now, then it will be particularly supportive for money luck. This is because the face of the house is often associated with career and the back of the house is often connected to health (the spine of the house.)

Throughout the history of Feng shui, there have been Chinese folk remedies that attempt to harness the future luck. The future luck right now (looking at Period 9 from 2024-2044) is associated with the direction of south. A fellow Feng shui pal of mine came to visit my own home recently and she noted the empty field across from my house to the northwest. She just smiled and said, “Oh that is good that the Northwest is open, it’s the future money luck.” In any given Period there will be several areas to consider or activate for luck. As well, the notion of luck is also tied in to ancestors and destiny.

This is why one popular folk remedy from the Indian version of Feng Shui (Vaastu Shastra) is to position a statue of an elephant (trunk upwards) toward a particular direction. I personally do not rely on this remedy because I think there are too many other tried and true classical Feng shui remedies that work for prosperity, but I know where the theory comes from. The trunk-up elephant in East-Indian folklore is Ganesha, god of wealth. The trunk upwards can suck in the wealth better than the trunk-down elephant. Then, if the elephant is positioned on a table, facing a window toward a future money luck direction, the spirit energies can grab the future money luck and draw it into the house.

Do you believe that spirits can inhabit a statue? I am not sure if I do, but millions of people on this planet sure do. Think about what happens to a whole town when someone reports a tear coming down on the face of a statue of the Virgin Mary! Spooky. Some believe that if a statue outside receives enough solar and lunar energy that it can harbor a spirit.

Can this be done with a current Money Luck direction? Sure. If northeast is the current strong or “wang” direction, then facing your elephant toward a window that opens up to the northeast direction (25-65 degrees on a compass), then the elephant can draw in the current money luck. Give it a try! And report back to me what happens!

Author: Kartar Diamond
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