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Date Selection

luopan-thumbThe luo pan (Feng Shui compass) is the essential tool of the trade. But aside from directions being paramount in importance, the timing of certain activities can also be calculated for the most positive outcome. Kartar works with several different astrologers, including an associate who performs classical Chinese Date Selection. Clients come to Kartar with questions about the best time to have an elective surgery, put a house on the market, pitch their book to a literary agent, interview for a job, try to get pregnant, sign a contract, choose a wedding date, start a demolition and a whole host of other events where the timing can be very influential and long lasting.

Feng Shui Solutions welcomes any Date Selection questions you have and fees are based partly on the time frame for reviewing optimal dates for any event. For example, one person may need to have an entire month reviewed for the optimal date to open a business, whereas a couple may have a six month window of time to review for the best wedding date.