Different Feng Shui Solutions for the Same Problem by Kartar Diamond

If three people with a stomach ache go to a doctor, they may get three different recommendations to deal with it. But even more important to note is that the cause of the stomach ache may be unique to each person. This reality might dictate if the medicine or cure would be different for each or not. As we know, sometimes the cure for a problem will be the same regardless of its origin.

One person might have a stomach ache due to poor eating habits. Another might have a stomach ache due to lack of exercise and the inability to digest even healthy food if they have an allergy to it. Another person might have a stomach ache due to nerves, their emotional state and have nothing to do with food.

The same situations can exist with Feng Shui, as in the same problem but for different reasons. Take the example of financial problems. In Feng Shui theory, we recognize that an occupant’s financial struggles could have to do with qi flow (air currents and energy flow based on the floor plan lay out.) This could include poorly placed doors, windows, stairs and other architectural flaws. These physical features can move energy too quickly in and out of a structure based on their placement. The trickle down effect may be a kind of “leaking” where the house cannot hold its qi. This is where we many have to resort to “band-aid” remedies to over compensate with décor adjustments to manipulate qi flow.

Another source for the same result of financial problems might have to do with timing. We might be looking at a normally good house or business location that happens to be in a bad phase in terms of annual cycles or other timing considerations. For example, houses which were built between 1964 through 1983 that are facing west are currently in a long term phase that can undermine financial luck of occupants until 2024. It is nothing we see with the eyes, rather an aspect to timing.

Yet another cause for financial problems might be how the person uses a room, what direction they sleep, how they are seated at their work desk, and a variety of determinations as to whether or not the individual is personally compatible with their own space or not.

Finally, we can even look to the outside natural environment and man-made exteriors to be a partial culprit in undermining a person’s financial potential. For example, we live in an age known as Period 8. Period 8 began in 2004 and will continue until 2024. One exterior feature to be aware of is that during Period 8, the relative placement of outside water to the northeast of a structure can be very damaging. This could be a pool or a fountain to the northeast of a house, relative to the center of the house. The span of magnetic northeast is from 22.5 degrees to 67.5 degrees.

Fortunately, most classically trained Feng Shui consultants will have a whole cache of recommendations and counter-measures to apply and recommend in order to balance the flawed interiors and exteriors. No one should worry that one flaw or area of “compromised” Feng Shui will completely undue their financial luck.

These are just a few examples of how we might address the same problem from different approaches. And in the case of someone having a really extreme situation, it is usually more than one reason.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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