Does The Summer Solstice Have Any Feng Shui Significance? by Kartar Diamond

Whether it is the summer or winter solstice, or in either hemisphere, the solstice marks a point in time where the day is imperceptibly longer or shorter than the other days of the year. On a grand esoteric scale, the solstices mark a shift in the relationship between the Sun and Earth and how that affects us. Just like the seasons of the year, there are many ways to interpret these influences on humans.

One distinct and significant shift which occurs at the solstices is the way daily flying stars are calculated. The flying stars are code for energy which exists in all structures, based on time and direction. A house will have a “flying star chart” based on when the house was built and its compass orientation. It might be on par with an astrology chart for a person, based on their year of birth and location.

There are also annual flying stars and monthly stars, which come and go like having guests in your home. These energies are frequently calculated when there is something momentous to do or some concern about the timing of any activity. For example, will the house’s annual energy support moving in one year over the next? Is it a good or bad year to remodel the kitchen?

With monthly cycles, we can use that insight for all kinds of plans, such as the best month to make any change to the house or the best month to recover from a surgery or go on a job search. But what about daily cycles?

There are daily stars which can be tracked, although few practitioners do that kind of micro-management. I happen to give advice for best and worst days for certain individuals, based on their own birth data, but not so much for the house’s daily cycles.

There are a couple of reasons why daily feng shui stars are usually not factored in. The daily feng shui stars are much weaker and shorter in duration, obviously, than a monthly, yearly, or permanent star in the house. For advice based on the day’s energy, it is more common to consider what is good for the actual person instead of the place. For example, if you want to take a financial risk, I would be recommending you do that on your personal Lu Cun Lucky Money Day, more so than looking at what day your bedroom or entrance might have the current major wealth star present.

In theory, we could try to combine the two, but statistically that is not going to happen very many times per year. One system follows a 9-day repeating cycle and another follows a 12-day repeating cycle. When will they converge and occur on the same day? Not so often.

There are also two main reasons why catering to daily stars is challenging. Firstly, there are bound to be contradictions between what element you would use for a daily star versus the permanent, annual or even monthly stars. If a daily star could be supported with the water element, but the yearly or permanent star needs fire, what do you do with this clash of elements?

It is the same dilemma when an annual or monthly star contradicts the permanent star. This kind of micro-managing could make someone go crazy. Who has the time and commitment for such brief adjustments? Every spiritual teacher and predictive arts master will tell you that at this point you need to give it up to God or have some self-reliance in your own power and intuition.

With regards to the solstices, it is the ascending or descending patterns of the daily stars, which switch on each solstice. And the day of each solstice changes here and there. We can’t say that the June solstice is always on June 21st. Sometimes it is on the 22nd. And we are talking about DAILY stars, after all. If you are one day off in your calculations, then there is no value in keeping track. Additionally, the exact moment of the solstice occurs at a different HOUR and minute each year. Is it possible for HALF the day to be in one cycle and the other half of the day another cycle? As much as I love Feng Shui, even I am not going to invest that much time and effort into figuring that out. We do have some excellent software programs to figure out the daily stars, but it is usally far more important to handle the cycles of longer duration.

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