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Feng Shui and EMFs

by Kartar Diamond

Not lost on the irony that this article was written on a computer and that you are reading it from some electronic device like your own lap top or cell phone, the gist of this article is to inform you about the dangers of excessive exposure to man-made EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) and RFs (radio frequencies).  EMR stands for electro-magnetic radiation.

Ignorance is NOT bliss in this case and the average consumer has been deceived by media conglomerates into thinking that wireless technology is safe.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but “Big Wi-Fi” has a long range plan to Deceive, Deny, Distract, and Delay. And this four-tiered marketing-liability plan has been confirmed as real, by whistleblowers who have or still do work in the communication technology industries.

But before I continue further, let me state that neither I, nor any professional in the EMF/RF remediation business, expect anyone to give up using all electronic devices and live in a hut in the middle of nowhere.  Most people have become semi-reliant or completely reliant on technology to survive, socialize and/or function in the business world.  The good news is that there are plenty of shielding and remediation tools that you can use to protect yourself from harmful EMFs and RFs. And the truth is that we are all saturated in radiation, both in our homes and away from them.

This article won’t include the long list of health hazards associated with constant exposure to electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies and something called “dirty electricity” which we have been exposed to even before wi-fi technology became so prevalent.  You may wonder if you are being affected by EMFs and RF’s if you don’t “feel” them or have no current health issues to tie them to. But the reality is that we are all being affected, with some individuals having stronger constitutional health than others to fend off the assault.

These harmful frequencies can break down our DNA and affect not only fertility, but what we actually will transform into as a human species. Let it be said that “smart” technology is making us dumber because of real brain damage it causes! Some people know they are “electrically-sensitive” and have been suffering in silence, while those around them may dismiss their discomfort as “all in their minds.”

Some people do have physical and mental health issues, but they would never suspect EMFs or RF’s as being the cause—until they become educated about this topic and start taking measures to block the radiation and chronic electrical disturbances.  This is a big issue, which many people just glaze over when they first hear about it because it seems too overwhelming to deal with. But it behooves everyone on the planet to consider that we have become reliant on electricity and wi-fi technology, which will only increase in the future and for many people it is to their immediate detriment.

Some countries outside the United States are more advanced in their understanding of the real dangers, such as France banning the use “smart devices in schools. In fact, even if you don’t care so much about your own health, we should think about children and the epidemic problems that future generations will have.

For many years I only had the most basic understanding of EMFs and their potential harm. Those new to the topic often focus their fear on proximity to cell phone towers, unaware of how they really work and that your cell phone against your head all day and night and your lap top near your body is causing even more harm.

I have written a few older articles where I grouped EMFs into a category that I called “Modern Feng Shui Hazards,” right alongside modern day air and water pollution. I began to notice clients who would be doing everything right in terms of their Feng Shui adjustments and their admirable lifestyle choices, such as eating really healthy, meditating and exercising. But these people were still having mysterious health problems, some of whom found out later that their exposure to EMFs and RFs were the actual culprits.

Most of my feng shui clients are receptive to all modalities of treatment and theories about alternative health and well-being. We want to feel good, not succumb to the countless forms of cancer, have more energy throughout the day naturally, maintain or increase your ability to concentrate and not feel so irritable or stressed.  For many people, exposure to EMFs and RFs are the invisible “elephant in the room.”

Because of my concern for my own health, my family, my pets, and my clients, I am dedicated to learning more about this pervasive technology crisis and I want to help you make better choices and have solutions at your fingertips.  There is a mountain of research on the Internet available and one such reliable source of information is from Oram Miller’s www.createhealthyhomes.com

I have also established an affiliate link with www.lessemf.com  so that you can have at least one comprehensive resource to protect yourself, your loved ones and even your co-workers from EMFs and RFs.

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