Feng Shui and Personal Security by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and Personal Security by Kartar Diamond

Did you know that a house built in the 1950’s which faces west is vulnerable to break-in, more so than some other houses? How could this be? According to the metaphysical practice known as feng shui, laws of time and space can be calculated in relation to the direction and timing of any construction.

Those time-space calculations reveal how people are affected by their home or place of business in some very personal and specific ways. Like Astrology, feng shui is a predictive art which highlights the potential positives and negatives of any structure and one of those areas includes personal security. Some house types are more prone than others to attracting break-in. If the house has a security system, burglars might still try to break-in, but be thwarted by the alarms or security cameras. Sometimes the theft still occurs as an “inside job.”

And if a feng shui remedy is not also used, that same “robbery” energy could plague occupants in other areas of their lives. I call it the “Gentleman’s Robbery” when a person experiences a hi-tech theft via identity theft, credit card fraud or some other legal or contractual transaction that goes awry.

The way to properly evaluate a house using traditional feng shui criteria includes knowing when the house was built, its precise magnetic compass alignment, the shape of the house, various other architectural features, the birth dates of the occupants, land levels and other exterior and landscape features. Most Westerners have only been introduced to the most diluted and simplified versions of feng shui and still do not know how sophisticated and accurate this type of analysis can be.

Feng shui can predict if a person is occupying a space that might attract crime, drug dealing, embezzlement, injury, bleeding, assault and even explosions! Feng shui can also reveal the possibility of a cheating spouse. It is rare that one feng shui flaw can cause a terrible outcome, but when several negative influences collide then it greatly increases the chances for something to manifest. This might be the feng shui equivalent of “an accident waiting to happen.”

Even though the many principles of feng shui can seem highly mysterious, the remedies can actually be rather ordinary. A wrought iron coffee table (metal), a live plant (wood), a water fountain (water), a stone statue (earth), and a burgundy area rug (fire) can all qualify as “five-element” remedies. The placement of these raw elements is very specific to the house and not a generic approach. For example, some houses need a lot of the fire element, while other houses should not have any fire element at all. The “robbery” energy mentioned in this article is often cured with a very large display of red color in the right location, such as a red wall, a red couch, a red piece of art work or other décor item.

To work as the fire element, the color must be a warm shade of red including burgundy, maroon, cranberry or plum purple. Ultimately, feng shui should be elegant and inconspicuous. You do not need to decorate your home with Asian décor items in order to make it a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous refuge.

How can you remedy your home specifically against burglary? I wish I could answer this in a simple, generic way, but I would need to review the whole house chart and locate the most vulnerable areas. Flying Star Feng Shui reveals where we can track the “3” and “7” stars, which are often the culprits involved. These numbers are referred to as “stars” which all relates back originally to astronomy. The numbers are code for what kind of magnetic field has been created inside our dwellings. How our Feng Shui forefathers figured out the connection between the presence of certain stars and planets and the predictable impact on human beings is truly astounding.

Beyond the calculations we do in traditional feng shui to identify these non-obvious energies, it is true that within Chinese culture there are symbols and talismans which are used by many to project security. Even something as obvious as stone lions in front of a building could symbolize protection, but these are not the types of “cures” which I rely on or would ask my clients to rely on.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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