Feng Shui and Surgeries by Kartar Diamond

A large percentage of my clients are Baby Boomers. And with that, come different concerns and priorities compared to my younger clients. One client request, which is coming up more and more often, is for me to look at the client’s Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki to determine best timing for a surgery.

Between these two predictive arts, Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki, there are correlations which can reveal when a person may be more likely to have a medical procedure or a health issue. People often want to know the best timing for a surgery and I often recommend a full-fledged professional astrologer for that kind of advice. That said, anyone who has had a surgery knows that often there is little choice in when to schedule. The doctor often has a schedule limiting his availability to certain weekdays for surgery and certain times of day. I was recently told that my surgery time would only be scheduled the day before.

Within the scope of Feng Shui we can see when the house may be the most supportive for recovery and healing. In Nine Star Ki, we can see what monthly cycles may afford the easiest time frame for surgery and recovery as well.

What exactly am I looking for in these mystical charts and calculations? I’ll summarize a few influences.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the 2 star currently wields a heavy hand when it comes to sickness, bleeding, and accidents. If this energy is in an important part of your home, like the bedroom, you may have complications with the surgery or it may not be the best month to recover in that bedroom. People who have the luxury of sleeping in a different bedroom can skirt around that type of annual or monthly limitation.

Houses go through cycles called Locked Phases. A house in a yearly or monthly locked phase in the “people” or “health” area could also undermine a surgery or recovery success. To be fair, there would probably have to be more than one feng shui problem activated before it could result in something so significant as causing a surgery to go wrong or undermine the recovery period.

In Nine Star Ki, we also take note when the 2 star aligns with someone’s personal star. The 2 star can even symbolize a hospital or nurse. That alone does not predict anything negative. What is more of a concern is when the 5 star gets involved as that 5 star is often associated with mishaps, weird events and plans getting canceled. Equally, when someone’s personal star is in a relationship with other stars that are off-kilter in what we call “the Reversed Luo Shu Axis,” there is a greater chance for things to go awry.

When surgeries are elective and can be postponed, we have more time to plan them out. For example, 2020 is the Year of the Rat. What opposes the Rat is the Horse. For people born in the Year of the Horse, the year can be more challenging or oppositional. If a person born in the Year of the Horse needed a surgery that was not an emergency, such as a cosmetic procedure, it might be best to schedule it another year. But there are also monthly and even daily opportunities to schedule in good timing and to counter a larger cycle, like the annual influence.

From a whole other angle, we would hope that the surgeon is having a good day when they are operating on us! But that is information we would likely never have access to.

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