Feng Shui and the Direction of Northeast by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and the Direction of Northeast by Kartar Diamond

A house is built within a time frame which feng shui theory refers to as twenty year Periods. The last twenty year Period (Period 7) was from 1984-2004. Now, the current Period (or Era) is from 2004-2024. Each Era is associated with a certain direction and this current Era is connected to the direction of Northeast.

There is a lot of mysticism and symbolism attached to each of the eight basic directions. Northeast is inherently associated with the earth element and the image of a mountain. Because of this, feng shui masters expect that our very own planet Earth will go through more global changes in the form of earthquakes, avalanches, volcano eruptions and mudslides. The image of a mountain also symbolizes a contemplative monk so there is a good chance that people will become more religious and meditative. It is actually a dichotomy where some of the population becomes more religious and fanatical and the other part of the population becomes less religious and more scientifically oriented or at least more open minded spiritually and less rigid.

The number associated with this Period is 8 and full of all kinds of cosmological significance in related fields. The 8 Gen Trigram can also symbolize rebellion, rioting, protesting, “upsetting the apple cart” and radical changes in how a person views things or conducts his life. We could even say that the world events mandate looking at everything differently, from Islam to transgenderism. This is in comparison to the last Era, Period 7, which was associated with gossip, talking (cell phones), media and flirtatious sexuality (mouth and breasts), making money easily and young women making a big impact on culture (think Madonna, Monica Lewinsky, Oprah’s Talk Show, etc.)

Each direction represents a family member and Northeast is a young boy, the youngest son, or youthful male energy. Because of this, feng shui masters believe that in this current twenty year Era we will see more world leaders who are younger than what we have seen in a long time. This can range the gamut from Mark Zuckerberg to Kim Jong Un, to Jared Kushner, etc.

Northeast is also associated with the bones, muscles, hands, joints and fingers. Because of this feng shui masters also predict that more inventions and break-through technologies will revolve around the hands, such as more robots performing various functions, even surgeries and prosthetic limbs.

Northeast is now such a strong, positive direction, that a house built during this Period can be seen as especially good for financial luck if it faces Northeast. The compass range of Northeast is between 22.5-67.5 degrees. The Facing side of a house is partly associated with the financial luck of the occupants and the back side of the house, called the Sitting Direction, is associated with the health and well-being of the occupants. So, if a house “sits” or has its back to Northeast, there is an aspect to it that is more supportive for the occupant’s health and well-being right now than in other Eras outside of Period 8. This is not to say that other directions are currently unlucky. But Northeast now shines with an extra positive edge in this current Period 8.

Within your own home, other pieces of information, such as when your house was built, need to be corroborated in order to determine if the Northeast sector itself is especially positive or not. I cannot over-emphasize this point. For example, in the last 20 years I have lived in several homes where the Northeast had very different energy (inside). This is precisely because the houses were built in different Periods and facing different directions. In one home built in Period 7 and facing Southwest, the Northeast sitting sector had energy related extreme wealth and good health at that time.

In another house built in Period 6 and facing Northeast, the Northeast (dining room) indicated a potential for head or lung problems. As a dining room, it did not affect me as much as a bedroom or entrance. In my current home built in Period 5 and facing West, the Northeast sector indicates power and affluence, but that manifested differently when my son used that area as his bedroom versus its current use as an exercise room. This is also to illustrate that there is no “One Size Fits All” version of Feng Shui which is accurate for everyone. And even in Period 8, people appreciate the depth of Feng Shui more than they did in Period 7.

If the shape of your house includes an especially large extension to the Northeast (like an addition), then the young boy in the house can be very powerful. Conversely, if the Northeast section of a house is missing, the occupants may have problems with their youngest son or any family member might have the health problems associated with the signature aspects of Northeast (bones, muscles, hands, fingers.)

Author: Kartar Diamond
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