Feng Shui and Your Creative Potential by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and Your Creative Potential by Kartar Diamond

Everyone has more than one way to use their home to further enhance their creative potential. Every floor plan will have areas that are inherently conducive to creativity and each person will have their own personal directions to access as well.

When we evaluate a house according to Xuan Kong Flying Star School, it reveals which areas of your home that can enhance the creative muse or attract luck in creative professions. Typically, these areas of your home are good for you if your medium is art, music, writing, or acting. But this same creative energy can extend to other professions and hobbies, such as design, cooking, advertising, or any profession that requires a creative process to excel. Calculations can be learned which factor in the age of a house and its compass alignment. It is like an astrology chart for the house and this is part of traditional Feng Shui.

Another non-obvious creative “hot spot” can be tracked on an annual basis. For example, everyone’s home in 2011 had this visiting creative energy in the location of the southwest sector of the floor plan. You need to familiarize yourself with using a compass and also making a to-scale floor plan in order to locate these areas. In 2012, this same creative energy moved over to the direction of east and in 2013 the creative muse moved to the direction of southeast. By learning about something called the Annual Flying Stars, you can track this creative energy and dwell more in these areas. It is like if you do better in a certain climate, move to that climate you favor.

Based on what year you were born, you have personal directions that can feed the artist, the athlete, the writer or the academic. These locations are referred to as “stars.” The Wen Qu and the Wen Chang stars can be practical areas to sit, study, or do one’s art projects. For example, a person born in a year that ends in a “1” (1951, 1961, 1971, 1981) can dwell in the Zi (Rat) sector of their home to enhance their creative, literary potential.

There are so many applications of these formulas that there really is something for everyone. Entering one’s house through their Wen Qu or Wen Chang direction can make a person famous. And if you can’t sit in these areas of your home (let’s say you identify the area as being in a closet!) then you can still micro-manage the room which you can use and/or sit in your Wen Qu or Wen Chang direction.

Let’s say you discover that facing directly south in the Wu Horse direction is great for you, but that area ends up being in your kitchen pantry. As a back-up alternative, you could go to your art studio and sit in the south sector of that individual room or face directly south no matter which room you use. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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