Feng Shui Emergencies by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui Emergencies by Kartar Diamond

Often I get calls from prospective clients, who want their initial Feng Shui assessment done ASAP. Things may have been going badly in their lives for a long period of time. But once the decision has been made to investigate the relationship between Feng Shui and what is actually happening in a person’s life, the analysis can’t happen too soon.

Are there really any Feng Shui emergencies? After more than two decades of consulting, I would say that there really are not too many instances where it is a true emergency and any practitioner with integrity would not over-promise that results will come instantaneously.

From a strictly practical stand point, I do have clients who want answers from me within hours when they are house hunting and need to make a commitment one way or the other very quickly. But in terms of someone having a horrible circumstance in their lives, employing feng shui adjustments, and then seeing results, there is no guarantee that resolution of a problem will come immediately. Why? Because there are too many other factors involved besides Feng Shui (your immediate environment).

Even though I love Feng Shui and have a lot of confidence in the “remedies” we use, we can’t guarantee results 100% of the time because there are so many other variables outside of our control, to influence an outcome or dramatic change in a person’s life. For example, I remember many years ago I was seeing a lot of people in the entertainment industry and they were getting really good prompt results, when adjustments were made to their home or work environment. Individual luck was being enhanced. And then, the actor’s strike came and the writer’s strike, and sometimes Feng Shui alone could not kick-start a person’s career. This is because something much larger and undermining was looming over the entire industry.

Nowadays, the economy is very anemic in many industries and types of business, and while we can make some improvements in a person’s life, if a larger force, even a global force is in play, then the minor adjustments made to an individual’s home may not work as powerfully. (Think: 2008 U.S. Bank bail-out when people were panicking about the economy and some bankers were jumping out of windows).

But back to the topic of emergencies: If your house is on fire, there may have been a Feng Shui component to making it more vulnerable to a fire. But once the fire has started, it is really too late to theorize about remedies. Or if someone has been suffering with cancer, and there is a Feng Shui component to it (meaning the Feng Shui environment is not supporting health), then we cannot count on late adjustments to the environment to completely reverse the situation.

In fact, really bad scenarios are often due to a convergence of numerous Feng Shui flaws and not just one imperfect feature to a house, building, or neighborhood. Usually, it is the momentum of things being unbalanced for a while which will eventually manifest as a chronic problem or something sudden happening like an accident.

That said, I have seen some interesting changes occur rather quickly on a less dramatic scale. One client had an engagement called off and then back on in just a couple week’s time after adjustments were made to her bedroom. Another client said his daughter’s bad behavior changed within days after an adjustment was made. I have countless stories about romance remedies being added and the client notices a shift immediately. So it is possible for good changes to occur in such a short amount of time that it is believable that something so subtle as Feng Shui had anything to do with the change.

There are many different types of adjustments and when certain elements have been added to a room, like metal or water, the results can come quickly or gradually. When there is a qi flow problem, such as a front door aligned directly with a back door, buffering that direct alignment can shift the energy immediately and the predictable result can come quickly too, such as being able to save money easier.

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