Feng Shui in July: Month of the Sheep by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui in July: Month of the Sheep by Kartar Diamond

My newsletter Time & Space, has been published monthly for twenty-one years. In the June 2017 issue, I got a big response from subscribers about the Lucky Money Bowl and how its location is also related to a zodiac sign, consistent with the zodiac sign that relates to a Lucky Money Day for the same individual. This was an example of how the Chinese zodiac signs are associated with both TIME and DIRECTION.

For example, if a person’s Lucky Money Bowl location is the Rooster location (dead-on west), that same person’s Lucky Money Days are also Rooster Days. This is where Chinese astrology and Feng Shui converge. Subscribers also learned that they have a Lucky Money Hour. In Chinese astrology, we have double-hours. Twelve (zodiac signs) times two hours completes a 24-hour cycle. If your lucky money days are Rooster Days, then your Lucky Money time is the Rooster hours are between 5 and 7 p.m.

In addition to lucky days and hours for each person, we can extrapolate from that a lucky money month. This is all very simplified of course because a comprehensive astrology reading factors in many other pieces of information. Nevertheless, people find these general truths and tips to be helpful and meaningful.

We also have “opposition” years, months, days and hours according to our year of birth. This information is not meant to paralyze anyone and make them fear the future. But knowing your lucky or unlucky times can be useful for planning and for adjusting expectations. A lot of people are familiar with the Western Astrology term “Mercury Retrograde” which can affect the whole planet or large numbers of people negatively. When someone is experiencing an Opposition Month, also called a Chong Month, the impact or results of activities can be draining, not as fruitful or smooth sailing. Don’t do risky sports during your Opposition Month.

We have twelve signs and 12 months in our western calendar. The beginning of each Feng Shui month starts on a different date than the Western Calendar. For example: July starts this year on the 7th of July. It is never in sync with July 1st. In fact, June 1st through July 6th are still part of the June monthly cycle. Following is a rundown of the zodiac sign related to each month:

February (Tiger), March (Rabbit), April (Dragon), May (Snake), June (Horse), July (Sheep), August (Monkey), September (Rooster), October (Dog), November (Pig), December (Rat), January (Ox).

Each month starts on a different day, such as February starting on February 4th or 5th, never the 1st and this is based on the Solar calendar, not the Lunar calendar. To be on the safe side, if you are planning an event, based on the month: start with the second week of the Western Calendar as the beginning of the month, unless you want to commit to memory the beginning date of each month or refer to a Chinese solar calendar, like the one I give all my update clients. It’s also considered good planning to avoid the days which are very close to the shift from one month to the next. During the shift, the energy can be more unstable.

Once you know your own zodiac sign and the month it is associated with, it is the month which is polar opposite, which can be seen as your Opposition Month. It is not the best month for planning really important events and you may still be challenged even if you lay low that month. Here is another list of the months as they oppose each other, each six months apart.

January-July, February-August, March-September, April-October, May-November, June-December.
For the month of July, a Sheep Month, it opposes the Ox sign.

In other words, July may not be such a great month for people born in the Year of the Ox. I don’t recommend planning big events during your Opposition Month, such as a wedding or the launch of your business, things you don’t do on a regular basis. For example, I don’t plan feng shui classes during my Opposition Month, unless I have the ability to schedule on a good day, to compensate. I wouldn’t compound my bad luck potential by scheduling something important in a bad month, bad day and bad hour combined.

I think about July more than other months because the Sheep Month is my Opposition month. My mother died in July 2001, so that was a very shocking and gloomy month for sure. I also brace myself most Julys since I have a relative with a track record of being more emotionally unstable in the summer than in the other seasons, with me having to deal with the repercussions.

As an experiment: Figure out which month is your Opposition month. Go back in time and see if that month, from years past, correlates with any memorable problem or challenge you had. If you know what your Lucky Money sign is, take note of the month it is related to, and try to document if that has been a good month for you financially in years past. Feedback is welcome!

And for more tips that relate to you personally based on your birth year, my second book, The Feng Shui Matrix, focuses on that kind of material.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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