Feng Shui and the Wedding Date by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui and the Wedding Date by Kartar Diamond

On a frequent basis I can evaluate a person’s home and predict the likelihood of my client meeting someone new for a romantic encounter that year and in some cases I can narrow it down to the most likely months. When the potential is high is meet someone new, that is not the month to go into hibernation. So I advise clients to make him or herself available for this opportunity in time, when the house can actually help them attract someone. This is the essence of “right time, right place.”

There are also other features to a home which can attract or repel romantic relationships. Sometimes it is a combination of influences or whether or not the occupant is inherently compatible with their own home. It is almost like the home is a third party within the relationship. Just as one example, we have a series of house types called the “No Marriage” House. These house types can make it harder (not impossible) for a person to attract their soul mate. If the couple moves into this type of house, one spouse may travel a lot and be away from the relationship, or they may just have a harder time staying together. One such house type is one which “sits” (back direction) to the Tiger direction of E/NE (between 53-67 degrees) using magnetic compass directions–and that is just a challenging house for those born in the Year of the Ox.

Then, at least a few times per year, clients will ask whether or not I can help them choose a wedding date. This is not a major aspect to feng shui consulting. This kind of advice is best left in the hands of a competent astrologer, who can look at the individual charts for each person, see how their energies combine, and then choose a date that can energetically fill in any deficiencies in the relationship. This is especially critical for couples who already have communication problems or issues which might undermine their commitment to each other.

But here’s the kicker: the Wedding Date is often not as influential as you might hope it to be. In the olden days, the Wedding Date was in fact the time that established when a couple would truly start living together under one roof and unite their destinies. It even meant in many cases that this would be the first time the couple would have sex. Well, that is certainly rarely the case nowadays.

When a couple actually starts LIVING TOGETHER is the really important date. And we know some couples who live together for years before they officially tie the knot. So, if you are considering living with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to initiate this on the most positive date, this is the modern way to choose what used to be called the Marriage Selection Date.

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