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Welcome to the Client Corner of my website!

Anyone can view these pages, as you may also be a potential client who would be referred to this section as well.

This is a dedictated area where clients can pay on-line for a variety of my services, including an Initial Full Consultation, House Hunting consults, as well as the yearly Annual Update.

Once we determine the appropriate fee for services, you may come back to this section to make your payment. NOTE: Fill in the agreed pricing once you go to the payment page (Paypal).

Of course, you may still prefer to pay by cash, Money Order, or check.  Please email me for a mailing address. Cash payments can be made at the time of an in-person consultation.

Complete New Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui Annual Update

House Hunting | Design Consult

Your Personalized Natal Nine Star Ki Report

Price: $188.00
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Nine Star Ki Annual Update

Price: $88.00
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I have provided PDF’s of important information:

Please take a look at the FAQs @ My Credentials since these are important things you are entitled to know about.

Please take a look at FAQs @ My Consultation for a very literal description of the evaluation process.

You may also view the file Regarding Your Feng Shui Consultation because I want you to know what goes into the analysis and observations I might make, even if we do not explicitly discuss it. Often, “no news, is good news.” I spend most of my time in a consultation discussing the things I would recommend changing.

Please review this file FAQs @ Metal Adjustments for ideas and examples of how to manifest the metal element inconspicuously in your interior space.

This file, FAQs @ Virtual Mountain Remedies, is for those of you who need some visuals and ideas on how to manifest an outside Earth remedy. We discuss in your consultation if you need an Outside Virtual Mountain. This is not applicable to all consultations.

Please review this file FAQs @ Interior Earth Remedies for suggestions on how to best bring in or display an Earth Remedy for your interiors. For exterior earth remedies, there is a separate file.

Please review the file FAQs @ The Fire Element for Interiors after your consultation, for suggestions on how to manifest an appropriate Fire remedy.
This is one of the elemental recommendations that some clients struggle with, because at first there seem to be few choices in how to use the Fire Element.

Please review this file FAQs @ The Wood Element & Live Plants, for ideas on how to manifest the Wood phase, should I be recommending it to you in your consultation.

Please review this file FAQs @ Feng Shui Water Features to help you understand the ideal ways to manifest both interior and exterior water. As a part of your consultation, you will be instructed where to place the water element, if you need any.

If you are a client of mine, and we have discussed the ramifications of remodeling or relandscaping your property, please read this file, FAQs @ Construction Sha, carefully. Many people are confused about what constitutes a Construction or demolition, to the extent that it can affect your health and well being.