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I’ve written before about this concept called Construction Sha. It is a term that refers to problems which can arise when someone does a construction in bad timing. The bad timing is actually a combination of timing and direction and it changes from year to year. Those problems can range from personal injury to the occupants of the building to the workers on the project. One can also be influenced by a neighbor’s construction project which you have almost no control over, except for some small ways to try to deflect away that disturbing alignment of energy.

Usually, I forewarn clients about the major construction sha directions each year. These are the ones which most other practitioners concern themselves with such as the “Tai Sui” and “Sui Po” and Minor 3 Sha directions. However, there are also “Hidden” Sha directions and there are even positive directions to do construction or digging in, in order to instigate good fortune instead of trying to avoid bad fortune.

One Hidden Sha formula is based on a cross-calculation between Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui Flying Stars. The Chinese Astrology part factors in what the Chinese Animal is for the year. That Chinese zodiac is not only related to time, but also direction. Each Chinese zodiac sign is in a fixed position along the compass points.

After noting what direction the Chinese Zodiac sign is related to, there is also a flying star associated with that direction and this goes back to the most basic Eight Trigram system (post-Heaven sequence).

With that information, we then look to see where that trigram/star resides for the year as a moving annual force. That will reveal the Hidden Sha for the year. Let’s break it down for the year in which this article has been written. It’s the Year of the Dog. The Dog is associated with a portion of Northwest. The Northwest direction is associated with the Qian trigram/Star 6. And in 2018, the annual star 6 is residing in the direction of Southwest. Therefore, the southwest direction is a Hidden Construction Sha direction for 2018.

Another example: In 2019, it will be the year of the Pig. The Pig is also related to another portion of Northwest. Northwest is related to the trigram/star 6. In 2019, the annual star 6 will be residing in the direction of East. Therefore, in 2019 the Hidden Sha will be in the East.

For those who are serious about keeping tabs on the Hidden Sha, take note that we are combining one system that repeats every twelve years (Chinese zodiac signs) with another system that repeats every nine years (Annual Flying Star Feng Shui). This means that the Hidden Sha direction will NOT be the same in every Dog Year or Dragon year or Pig year, etc. or a full examination of Construction Sha and remedies to employ during bad timing, I recommend my Case Study #12 called Construction Sha, available from my website.

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