Hurricane Harvey Weinstein by Kartar Diamond

I didn’t initially want to put Harvey Weinstein’s name in the title of this article, but the allegations about him and the can of worms it has opened up in the entertainment industry, is what inspired me to write in the first place. Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki are predictive arts on a small scale (for the individual) as well as on a large scale (for sociey and global events).

Living in the Los Angeles area for the entire time I have practiced feng shui professionally, it would not be surprising that many of my clients are in the entertainment industry. This is just where many of them live. I have also been to all of the studios, mostly to evaluate office spaces or do feng shui presentations. Aside from actors and musical performers, within the entertainment industry there are so many behind-the-scenes creative people, including writers, composers, producers, costume and set designers, special effects, and make-up artists, just to name a few. What they all have in common is their creativity in one way or another.

Throughout the last 25 years of practicing feng shui, I have often seen the creative, entertainment industry people naturally gravitate towards houses with feng shui that could support their professions. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg, right? I’ve consistently seen good results when a person uses a feng shui adjustment in their home or office to specifically cater to one type of energy we will call the “4 star.”

It is kind of ironic that we call famous people “stars” and in Feng Shui terms, a star is a powerful force, a unit of energy which can be calculated based on either timing, directionology, or both. The energy of the star is also related to the influence of planets and literal stars within our solar system. When a house or building is built it will produce a magnetic field inside the structure, with predictable and enduring influences. This 4 star energy often winds up in the entrance, the bedroom, or the home office/ studio where a creative person spends time. I’ve written other articles about how this energy can be capitalized on within the entertainment fields.

However, anyone who studies classical “Flying Star School Feng Shui” will learn early on that the 4 star is not in a good phase right now, and has not been for decades. All the 9 stars go through 20 year phases and for a star to complete a full cycle takes 180 years. Like planet Earth, taking 365 days to rotate around the Sun, the Earth will experience seasons and other changes on an annual basis. So too, the “flying stars” will change their nature over longer time cycles and then finally return to a kind of re-birth or reincarnation phase. When we dwell in the flying stars, their influence rubs off on us.

The last Period 4 we had was from 1924-1944. That was a time when the 4 star not only supported creativity, but it was also a type of energy which could facilitate scholarly, literary and political achievement. We still call it the “Academic” star or the “Artist” star. But, we can’t ignore that the 4 star has continued on a downward trek for many decades. The next time the 4 star will begin an upward trek where its traits will turn more positive and intellectual will start in 2064! Then the 4 star will have a 60 year reign when the more cerebral and artistic attributes will manifest. But right now? Well, the “decaying” phase of the 4 star can manifest more as just sexual energy.

Supposedly, really creative people have high sex drives. Nothing wrong with that according to any rock star! Yet, this 4 star energy can also be excessive, perverted, make it easier for one to contract a sexually related disease and also trigger various kinds of betrayals, infidelity and heart break. This is one of the reasons we don’t normally try to activate this energy too much within the homes of married couples. The 4 star may also be the “Romance” star, but it could just as easily be the “Home wrecker” star.

On a larger scale, the influence of the 4 star in our world today is highly sexualized and has been for decades. Need I say more? And yet I will. Whether it is the sexualized nature of music, art, movies, fashion or even politics, the 4 star is not in a “pure” form now or for many decades to come.

Creative and spiritual people can still extract some good aspects of the 4 star, but there is a risk that it could also generate the more base sexual urges. When we combine a few different predictive arts, such as Nine Star Ki and Feng Shui, it is easier to see why certain events or revelations happen at certain times.

In 2017, the annual “trend” for the whole year has been related to the 1 water star. This information mostly comes from Feng Shui’s cosmic relative, Nine Star Ki. The 1 water star as a yearly trend can predict events literally related to water like hurricanes, storms, and floods. It can also indicate that the “fluid” systems of the body could figure prominently in the News. The fluid systems of the body include blood, bladder (urine), the male sexual organs and semen. There is also a loose association with prostitution. In the same month the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfaced, these esoteric calculations could have just as easily indicated that a sexual scandal would break, especially when factoring in Weinstein’s birth data.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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