How To Make a Home-Made Indoor Water Fountain by Kartar Diamond

You can make an inexpensive indoor fountain with a pump and a container. Without doing any drilling on the container, the pump cord will need to drape over the top edge of container. This may not be a look that you like, but there are ways to obscure the cord from visibility. One is to use a container which is not glass or see-through. Then you could affix the cord to the back of the container, like a ceramic bowl. Since a fountain needs to be close to an electrical outlet, the back of your indoor fountain will be close to a wall anyway.

I have used opaque containers as well as glass vases to make inexpensive fountains. You can jazz them up by placing colored marbles or shells on the bottom. You can even partially cover up the pump if you find them to be unsightly. One thing I like about completely submerging a pump is that the water will just ripple in the container and not sprinkle or splash outside the bowl or vase. This is the #1 complaint by most people using commercial fountains: that the water splashes or mists outside the container and ruins wood furniture or flooring over time.

I am rather picky about the style of fountain I have used in my own home. I like the zen look of some “tranquility” fountains and I also like the modern looking ones, including tall fountains and wall mountable ones. However, unless one wants to plink down hundreds of dollars for a well-made fountain, the cheaper ones will calcify and rust rather quickly.
Smaller fountains just don’t hold enough water to make a big difference as a feng shui remedy.

A home-made fountain like the ones I make for myself can cost under $20 to make. You just need to get a nice bowl or container and a pump. There are indoor fountain pumps available on Amazon or other websites like You can get a vase or bowl at any home décor store, including Target or TJ Maxx. You may even have a nice looking bowl or vase already, sitting in a cabinet and never used.

If you need a moving water feature in an area where there is no electrical outlet or where it would look really funky to have a cord draped over a piece of furniture, one of my clients found a good solution when he needed water in his dining room. He got a “water wiggler” water agitator from Amazon. It is a battery operated device that can be placed in bird baths! Something like this could also come in handy if you needed moving water in the center of a room, like at a foyer entrance table. The water wiggler can be placed in a wide, shallow bowl of water.

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