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“You’re the most interesting speaker we have ever had!” This is a common response from HR departments, radio hosts, and event planners who have had Kartar Diamond present at their functions. Kartar Diamond is a seasoned, professional, humorous and topical speaker who has been enlightening and delighting audiences since 1992.

As an authentic expert on the mysterious topic of feng shui, Kartar has delivered captivating presentations and workshops to tens of thousands of people. She has been a guest speaker for Macy’s Departments stores, Xerox Corporation, Universal Studios, MTV, Whole Life Expo, USC’s Festival of Health, the Los Angeles Country Club, hospitals, churches, synagogues and dozens of real estate functions.

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Kartar has been a memorable guest on numerous radio broadcasts and television segments including Body By Jake Steinfeld, the KTLA Morning News, Showtime, the Jade Chinese News Channel and Current TV.

Back in the mid-1990’s, Kartar spoke at dozens of Borders and Barnes & Noble Bookstores, drawing huge crowds, even before she became the author of Feng Shui for Skeptics (2004). Her other books, The Feng Shui Matrix (2006) and The Feng Shui Continuum (2008) have also inspired many readers to apply these ancient metaphysical principles for wealth, health and happiness.

What distinguishes Kartar from other feng shui practitioners is that she has studied every style of this predictive art, she advises on a daily basis, and she can explain this complex discipline in easy, user-friendly ways.

Whether it’s a radio interview, a television segment, or a live presentation, Kartar can stylize her talk to the needs and interests of her audience. In her interviews and speaking engagements, Kartar draws from current events to describe global feng shui as easily as dispensing Top Ten Lists for improving an individual home or business.

She is also a prolific writer, having published hundreds of articles, including a regular column in Melt Magazine.

Kartar Diamond shows the enormous potential, power and relevance of feng shui.
Amy Wallace, author of Sorcerer's Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda
The Feng Shui Matrix is a thorough guide for anyone interested in changing the energy structure of their immediate existence.
Jack Haas, author of The Way of Wonder
Kartar brings a higher level of feng shui to the West; I am so happy to see her publish this book.
Master Larry Sang, Founder of the American Feng Shui Institute

Kartar in the Press…

INSTYLE Magazine August 2005
What’s Hot Now: “Feng Shui for Skeptics: a how-to guide that just might persuade even the most ardent nay-sayers to rearrange their furniture.”

Staten Island Sunday Advance October 3, 2004
Diamond is quoted in the article titled: “Home sellers use feng shui to lure buyers.”

USA Today August 2, 2002
In response to Billy Yamaguchi’s Feng Shui Hair Salons: “This is a marketing gimmick. You can’t ‘feng shui’ a wardrobe, a hairstyle, a car or a business card, says Kartar Diamond, a Los Angeles based feng-shui consultant.”

Los Angeles Times August 2001
Keeping Peace With Feng Shui: article about Burbank police Captain Ed Skvarna consulting with Kartar Diamond for his 80-page thesis on how feng shui principles can be incorporated into the police work force environment.

Entrepreneur’s Start Ups September 2000
“Working with an average of seven to ten clients per week and grossing a six figure income, Diamond knows what she is doing: harnessing positive energy in her life and business.”

Los Angeles Times April 18, 2000
Page One, Column One: “Buyer Jeff Greenberg, who heads a company that compiles soundtracks for movies, vetoed several homes on the Westside and Hollywood Hills on the advice of his consultant, Kartar Diamond.”

Daily News 1997
Article: “Feng Shui expert sees positive side of O.J. estate”
Staff write Heesun Wee interviewed Kartar about her experience in evaluating the Rockingham estate for the new owners, post OJ Simpson.

Teton Home Spring/Summer 2004
“By methodically showing case studies and how feng shui is based on repeatable cycles, we can show how it makes sense, says American Feng Shui Institute scholar Kartar Diamond.”

Palisadean Post June 2004
“Author Diamond Dispels Myths About Feng Shui.”

Balance Magazine Spring 2004
“Feng Shui: The Cosmic Blueprint and Building Blocks for Health, Wealth, and Happiness.”

Valley Magazine June 1998
The Art of Feng Shui: “Feng Shui is the physics of the environment and how you’re effected by it emotionally, socially, and physically. Some homes are prone to such things as fire, theft, illness, drug use, accidents or divorce” says Diamond.