Mentoring & Certification 2017-08-25T18:06:09-08:00
To become Certified as a Consultant after taking all the courses and passing the tests, you will need to submit a certain number of your actual (confidential) audits for me to review. There is no definitive number of audits that will be required as the same for everyone; it will be based on the types of audits you provide for me to review. For example, less audits which have very complex Feng Shui circumstances may demonstrate your abilities better than more audits for very ordinary houses.

Because I could be reviewing upwards of 50+ audits in order for you to become certified by me as a consultant, my usual hourly rate will be drastically reduced for the benefit of the student, trying to keep your training costs as affordable as possible. I only have to justify the time it will take away from my own consulting business. If you end up having a hard time coming up with audits to demonstrate your capabilities, I may be able to help you and provide some mock evaluations for you to do.

This phase of the training, where I review your own work, is called Advanced Mentoring. Based on our communication and mentoring throughout the Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Series, I should have a good idea of how many audits you will need to provide and how much time it will take. I can then give you a firm quote of the fee before we initiate this final phase, so that there will not be ambiguity about when you will be certified or the cost involved.

In order to provide audits for me to review, you will obviously be practicing Feng Shui before you receive certification from me. This is fine for the metaphysical field we are in because there are no legal or standard licensing criteria at this time. A beginner will need to get experience and it is up to you if you feel you need to charge for your consultations. Even people who do not study with me formally have asked me to review some of their reports, as a second set of eyes, to see if I have additional insights. For those who are already consulting professionally, this will not be an issue for you.

Feel free to ask me any other questions you have about my training program. I want you to feel secure that you are making the right decision for yourself to study Feng Shui in a comprehensive way, and with me specifically. My teaching style is straight forward and opinionated. If you want to get a flavor for my style of instruction, the best thing to do is to just read my first book and see if it resonates with you.

For those who have had advanced classical training and even certification from other Schools and teachers, you are welcome to take my course as well. Many professional consultants study with more than one teacher and appreciate learning the different styles and approaches to this vast body of knowledge. On a case-by-case basis, I reserve the right to negotiate a professional courtesy discount to those who I know already have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and who may not need or want any private mentoring, testing or internship.

For all participants in my program, we can personally design your mentorship. What is outlined on my website can be considered a flexible framework to start with. As well, my plan is to gradually add even more written materials to the curriculum. This is why I’ve listed the written material as “+ pages”. The plus sign means that more may be added. Anyone who has taken any section of the course can be updated for no extra charge when additions are made to the companion files. You can inquire yearly if more material has been added.

At the launch of my School, more than 2,000 pages of reading material have been provided. This would be considered comprehensive by anyone’s standards, but I actually have more to add, as time permits. When I look back on my career so far, I am happy that I continue to progress on my own path. The learning never ends. And it is probably impossible to have “too many case study examples” for students to learn from.