Pandemics and Feng Shui by Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui is a predictive art. Every structure on the planet has predictable influences and people familiar with Feng Shui know that similar principles, which relate to structure, can also be superimposed over large land masses and global predictions can sometimes be made. Usually, a meaningful interpretation of these esoteric theories requires a corroboration of metaphysical disciplines, such as Feng Shui combined with Chinese Astrology and even I-Ching divination. Nine Star Ki, which is very complementary to Feng Shui, can also draw some conclusions about how world events can play out.

I have been contacted by a number of clients and students who have been curious if these Chinese metaphysical systems could have or did predict something like a world pandemic. Clients who received a 2020 Feng Shui Update or Nine Star Ki review can look at their report– where I just mentioned casually that the annual 7 star in the “center” location could imply some significant or disruptive financial event, including the stock market.

The actual unfolding of the Corona Virus pandemic inspired me to look closer at the Nine Star Ki charts for 2020 and we can certainly say that “hindsight is 20/20.”

When we look at a Nine Star Ki chart, the larger number is the Yearly Star and the smaller number is the Monthly star. The chart inserted in this article is for March 2020. Here you can see that the Yearly Star and Monthly Star are the same in each direction. This can certainly intensify things.

The stars descend as time moves forward, so for April 2020, the monthly star in the center will be the 6 star, the monthly star in the northwest will be 7 and in each direction the monthly star descends.

Let’s focus on the Yearly Star, since that can reveal themes for the year, like the 7 star in the center. The 7 star is also related to ships and restaurants in Nine Star Ki, so this has already become a big issue with how so many people dine out and restaurants have had to close temporarily. We’ve already seen quarantined ships, as well as Navy hospital ships coming to the rescue.

When we look at the charts, we pay attention to certain pairings of stars more than others. For example, the 4 star in the SW is opposite the 1 star in the NE. Those two stars, polarized, can reveal that the airlines (4) may experience a financial loss (1). Additionally, the 4 star (lungs, respiratory tract) could be caused by an infection or virus (1).

The 6 star is highlighted in yellow because that is also a very prominent influence in 2020. The 6 star in the SE is sitting opposite its true home in the NW. This is called the “Reversed Luo Shu Axis” which is mystical way of saying “Look Here—things could go awry.” The 6 star is also related to the head and lungs, the intestines, but even more relevant the 6 star represents the government (and military). The governments of the world are dealing with a huge issue and opposite the 6 star is the 8 star (which can represent a number of things including migrants, a big group of people, and also confinement), like being in prison.

The 8 star is actually the image of a mountain, stillness, and this is how we extrapolate the essence of stillness or confinement and also the image of a house. Much of the world feels like they are on house arrest as I write this article.

We can notice also that the 5 star is in the East. Should we consider China as symbolic for “the east”? Or could we predict that the hardest hit areas will be in the east sector of any city, state or country? Often, the 5 star has a hand in causing weird events, mishap or disaster. This is one star which has a similar meaning in Feng Shui (in current times) as in Nine Star Ki. Opposite the 5 star for the whole year is the 9 star. In Nine Star Ki, the 9 star is related to pharmaceuticals.

When I was doing a lot of 2020 Nine Ki Updates, I forewarned a number of clients in their own personal lives to question, or get a second opinion with regards to any medication they may be taking. The 5 star can add an element of drama or mishap to this combination. It should be noted that President Trump is a 9 star person. All year long he will be dealing with the 5 star and all the heaviness that implies.

We also see the 2 star in the South palace for 2020. The 2 star is symbolic of large groups of people with a common denominator and it can also represent hospitals or medical facilities. By being in the South palace, this is the most “yang” direction and in Nine Star Ki, it is known for exposure, secrets revealed, proof with evidence. It is likely that many things will be revealed as the year progresses, related to this virus, its true nature, inception and treatment. There can also be an element of “embarrassment” connected to the South palace. This will include a lot of finger pointing and consequences.

Like looking into a crystal ball, the revelations continue and we can even consider the implications of the 2 star in the South being opposite the 3 star in the North. This is the tension of pole magnetism, creating an event. If we take the 2 star to represent a lot of people (as well as kitchens and food), it is squaring off with the 3 star which is related to uniformed personnel and the police. Now we can see how it is not that far-fetched how law enforcement may be very involved in the distribution and safe-keeping of food and orderliness in society.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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