Poison Arrows Generated from Roof Lines by Kartar Diamond

In feng shui parlance, we have a phrase, “poison arrows,” which refers to the sharp edge of just about anything, and in relation to what that sharp edge is pointing at. The sharp edge may be something small, like the edges of furnishings. I prefer to downplay the significance of these small “poison arrows.”

In both photos, you can see a building in the lower part of the picture angled to point one of its corners toward the adjacent house or building.

Architectural features may contain poison arrows, such as the edge of a protruding interior column within a building. Sitting in alignment with this poison arrow could cause back pain over time or just stir up some agitation. The worst case scenario is the corner edge of building and it could also be the corner of an actual roof.

A picture paints a thousand words, as the saying goes. This article contains a couple of aerial views, where you can see the corner of a roof pointing at another building or house. We can assume that it is not just the roof, but also the whole corner edge of the house or building, which projects a strong line of negative or agitating energy toward the opposing structure.

What is the result of being on the receiving end of a large poison arrow? The influence can be specific to what the poison arrow is activating. Let’s say that a poison arrow points toward a section of a house which has a potential to cause some type of illness. The poison arrow will exacerbate that situation. This is similar to a house positioned at the end of a street T-junction. The poison arrow will just be an agitator.

How to remedy a large poison arrow? This can be a challenge. Just short of erecting a very tall wall to blockade the entire corner edge of a building and roof, there is not a whole lot a person can do. Sometimes there is already a wall in place, separating properties. One might only need to add a couple more feet of wall, fence or hedge to completely block the right angled poison arrow.

A back up remedy, when you don’t have the ability to do something structural, you could gauge exactly where the poison arrow is pointing and place a chime or mobile outside the house to act as a buffer to deflect the otherwise straight line of energy.

Author: Kartar Diamond
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