#5 What’s Right about the “Wrong” House

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Classical Feng Shui students learn right away about the four major house types, with the “Reversed” house aka “shang shan xia shui” being unnecessarily feared. This case study breaks down the priorities one should have in assessing this house type and my unique perspective on Reversed Houses, after having assessed this house type thousands of times.

Case Studies include illustrations, floor plans and photos to enhance the understanding of each topic.



The Feng Shui Case Study Club started out as an email-based mentoring program, which addresses advanced Feng Shui questions and circumstances. These case studies have since become the Advanced Series in Kartar’s School of Traditional Feng Shui. Kartar still wanted to make individual titles available to those who are just interested in one topic and to get a flavor for what they are like.

Should you like to take the Advanced Series more formally as a part of the on-line School, you will be credited with your purchases against the tuition cost and also receive private mentoring. Find out more about Kartar’s School of Traditional Feng Shui on this website.


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