The Feng Shui Matrix: Another Way to Inherit the Earth

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Enter The Feng Shui Matrix, a parallel universe to the ordinary world, another dimension that you can control to make your home a magnet for positive energy. It’s packed with practical and affordable solutions to help your spaces work for you instead of against you.




Chapter One
Surreal Estate 101
• How Much Does Feng Shui Affect Us?
• Your Best Place to Meditate, Concentrate, or Relax
• How to See the Invisible Energies Called “Ch’i”
• Common Feng Shui Terms

Chapter Two
Rome Wasn’t Feng-Shuied In a Day
• How to Create an Accurate Floor Plan Sketch
• How to Divide Up the Sections of the Floor Plan
• How to Diagnose an Apartment Verses a House
• Have Compass, Will Travel
• How to Locate Relevant Directions Outside of the House
• The Influence of the Current Era Energies (2004-2023)

Chapter Three
Have You Hugged Your House Today?
• How to Choose the Best Color for the Exterior
• Yin-Yang Theory to Define the Orientation of a House
• Yin-Yang Balance
• Meditation for Yin-Yang Balance
• Extreme Colors
• How to Choose the Best Colors for the Interior
• Feng Shui Principles for Gardens and Landscapes

Chapter Four
Put Your Money Where Your House Is
• Using Water for Prosperity
• Your Personal Wealth Direction
• How to Win Friends and Influence People
• Family Harmony and a Good Public Image
• Your Personal Creativity Direction
• Your Personal Cosmic Savings Account
• Lucky Money Spot
• Flying Star 8

Chapter Five
I Spend; Therefore, I Am
• The Draining Direction
• Other Ways People Lose Their Money
• Personal Setbacks and Poor Finances

Chapter Six
What’s Love Got to Do With It?
• Close Encounters of the Romantic Kind
• Happiness and Fertility
• Energy That Can Make You Lonely or Depressed
• Energy That Can Make You More Argumentative
• Portable Feng Shui Remedies
• Personal Compatibility With Others
• The Opposition Signs in Chinese Astrology
• The “No Marriage” House
• How Important Is the Wedding Date?

Chapter Seven
The Hidden Agenda of Your House
• The Center of Your House and What Activates It
• What the Center of a House Indicates
• 72 Different House Types
• A Word About “Robbery” Energy
• Pick Your Poison

Chapter Eight
If These Walls Could Talk
• Who Moved My Ch’i?
• The “High Drama” House: Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll
• The Power of Feng Shui in the Wrong Hands
• The Sixteen Basic House Types Being Built in Period 8 (2004-2023)
• How Important Is It to “Match” Your House Type?
• The Blueprint for Balanced Living


“I’ve always enjoyed Kartar’s unique Feng Shui perspective. The Feng Shui Matrix embodies the same intelligence, competence and life experience that Kartar brings to her work. This is the book for those who are ready “to feng shui” their lives. Thank you Kartar for helping to bring balance to our world.”

—Dr. Hillary Smith


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