Yi Jing For Love and Marriage

$ 14.95

by Master Larry Sang

The Yi Jing is a profound, ancient Chinese book which has served as an oracle of wisdom and guidance for thousands of years. Each of the 64 Hexagrams can be interpreted a number of ways. In this translation Master Sang artfully discusses each Hexagram in regards to love and marriage specifically.



Let’s say you are dating someone new and you want to know if it will work out long term: ask the Yi Jing. Let’s say you have broken up with a loved one and wonder why it happened or how long you will be single: ask the Yi Jing. The answers are surprisingly blunt and accurate.

The Yi Jing is also a helpful tool to those learning feng shui because the Hexagrams are composed of the Eight Trigrams which can give you even more insight into these symbols.


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