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muse-logoKartar Diamond, of Feng Shui Solutions® has partnered with Energy Muse to bring you the highest quality natural crystals for your personal use and in conjunction with your other Feng Shui remedies and resources. Each link below will take you to the Energy Muse website where you can peruse a wide variety of elegant and healing crystals. You may even want to procure crystals as an art investment, since their worldly value is always increasing.


Shungite: De-tox and Protection

The shungite stone is now a necessity for all homes and buildings because of the times we live in. Feng Shui principles address all forms of imbalance in our lives, and part of modern living includes exposure to toxins and stresses which we cannot realistically escape from. But we can flush our systems and protect ourselves. No other natural substance blocks us from electro-magnetic radiation like shungite. If you are around electrical devices, wi-fi, or drive a car, then you need shungite around you too.


Crystals to Balance Your Environment

Mankind has known about the healing and protective qualities of natural crystals for thousands of years. In Feng Shui, one of the Five Transformations is the earth element and there are no other earthen objects we can use in our homes or businesses which can compete with the supernatural power of crystals. When an earth adjustment is needed, using any natural crystal gives you the extra benefit of the stone’s unique healing properties.


Gemstone Jewelry & Crystals: Interactive Healing

There are different ways you can absorb the healing qualities of natural crystals. You can have the stones in your home or work environment as “alive” and radiant objects of décor, which have their own purifying influence. You can drink the essence of a crystal and improve the molecular structure of the water by placing any stone in your drinking water. You can meditate with any crystal and program it to help you achieve your goals. And you can wear the stones, as in jewelry next to your body, to influence your own electro-magnetic field.